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Emergency Power Off; Disconnect Device; Ozone Safety Information; Maintenance Information - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 Getting Started Manual

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Table of Contents
Safety and Regulations

Emergency Power Off

If any of the following conditions occur, turn off the device immediately and disconnect the power
cable(s) from the electrical outlet(s). Contact an authorized Xerox Service Representative to correct the
The device emits unusual odors or makes unusual noises.
The power cable is damaged or frayed.
A wall panel circuit breaker, fuse, or other safety device has been tripped.
Liquid is spilled into the machine.
The machine is exposed to water.
Any part of the device is damaged.

Disconnect Device

The power cable is the disconnect device for this device. It is attached to the back of the machine as a
plug-in device. To remove all electrical power from the device, disconnect the power cable from the
electrical outlet.

Ozone Safety Information

This device will produce ozone during normal operation. The ozone produced is heavier than air and is
dependent on copy volume. Providing the correct environmental parameters as specified in the Xerox
installation procedure will ensure that the concentration levels meet safe limits.
If you need additional information about ozone, please request the Xerox publication Ozone by calling
1-800-828-6571 in the United States and Canada. In other markets please contact your authorized
local dealer or Service Provider.

Maintenance Information

Do not use aerosol cleaners. Aerosol cleaners can be explosive or flammable when used
on electromechanical equipment.
Any operator device maintenance procedures will be described in the user documentation supplied
with the device.
Do not carry out any maintenance on this device which is not described in the customer
Use supplies and cleaning materials only as directed in the user documentation.
Do not remove covers or guards that are fastened with screws. There are no parts behind these
covers that you can maintain or service.

Consumables Information

Store all consumables in accordance with the instructions given on the package or container.
Keep all consumables away from the reach of children.
Getting Started Guide

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Table of Contents

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