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In addition to the drivers designed specifically for your device, you can also use the Xerox Global Print
Driver or the Xerox Mobile Express Driver. These drivers will not give you access to all the features
available with the device specific drivers.
Global Print Driver is available for PS or PCL printer description languages, the same as the device-
specific drivers mentioned above. This driver works with Xerox and non-Xerox printers. Using this
driver makes it easy to add and update printers as the print driver does not need to be changed.
Mobile Express Driver lets you find and print to any PostScript printer in any location without
driver downloads and installations.
Your System Administrator can configure permissions to control access to the print feature.
Specifying the time and day of the week when you can print to the device.
Blocking certain types of job such as secure print.
Limiting access to specific paper trays.
Preventing single sided printing.
Setting specific print settings for applications, for example, setting all Microsoft Word documents
to print single sided.
Limiting print jobs to secure print jobs.
Your System Administrator may also configure your print driver to prompt you to enter login details
when you print a document.
Refer to the System Administrator Guide for further information.
Open the document to be printed. From most applications select the Office button or select File,
then select Print from the file menu.
Enter the number of copies you want to produce. Depending on the application you are using you
may also be able to select a page range and make other print selections.
Select the Xerox PCL driver from the list of print drivers available.
Open the print driver Properties window - the method will vary depending on the application you
are printing from. From most Microsoft applications select the Properties or Preferences button to
open the window.
Select the option(s) required.
Click the OK button to save your settings.
Select the confirmation button, the name will vary depending on the application you are printing
from. From most applications select the OK or Print button.
Print jobs are usually shown in the Active Jobs list, however if your System Administrator has
enabled the Hold All Jobs feature, your job will be listed in either the Held Print Jobs or the
Unidentified Print Jobs list. To release a held job select the job in the required list and then select
the Release button.
Press the Job Status button on the device control panel to view the job list and check the status of
the job.
10. Collect your job from the device.
11. If your job remains held in the Active Jobs list, the device needs you to supply additional resources,
such as paper or staples before it can complete the job. To find out what resources are needed,
select the job and then select the Details button. Once the resources are available the job will print.
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