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Cleaning Control Panel, Touchscreen, Document Feeder; Clearing Paper Jams - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 Getting Started Manual

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Table of Contents
Getting Started
When you use the document feeder, your documents will pass over the stationary scanner using the
Constant Velocity Transport glass. Any dirt or marks on this piece of glass will cause lines or streaks on
your copies, faxes or scanned images. Also, any marks or dirt on the Constant Velocity Transport roll may
show through the document and appear on your scanned images.
Use a lint-free cloth, lightly dampened with Xerox Anti-Static or general cleaning fluid (or another
suitable non-abrasive glass cleaner) to clean the document glass and the Constant Velocity
Transport glass (the narrow strip of glass to the left of the main document glass).
Wipe away any residue with a clean cloth or paper towel.
Use a lint-free cloth, lightly dampened with water, Xerox cleaning fluid or Xerox film remover to
clean the under side of the document cover or document feeder and the complete circumference
of the Constant Velocity Transport roll.
When cleaning the device do NOT use organic or strong chemical solvents or aerosol
cleaners. Do NOT pour fluids directly onto any area. Use supplies and cleaning materials only as
directed in this documentation. Keep all cleaning materials out of the reach of children.
Do not use pressurized air-spray cleaning aids on or in this equipment. Some pressur-
ized air-spray containers contain explosive mixtures and are not suitable for use in electrical appli-
cations. Use of such cleaners can result in a risk of explosion and fire.
Cleaning the Control Panel, Touch Screen, Document Feeder and Output
Regular cleaning keeps the touch screen, control panel and other device areas free from dust and dirt.
Use a soft, lint-free cloth, lightly dampened with water.
Wipe clean the entire area of the control panel, including the touch screen.
Wipe clean the document feeder, output trays, paper trays and other outside areas of your device.
Remove any residue with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Clearing Paper Jams

When a paper jam occurs, a fault screen is displayed which provides recovery instructions. Follow these
instructions to clear the fault.
Any printed sheets removed will automatically be reprinted once the paper jam is cleared.
The fault screen will indicate the location of the jam. Use the green handles and knobs indicated
in the instructions displayed on the touch screen to remove the jammed paper.
Ensure that all jam clearance handles and levers are returned to their correct positions. The red
flashes behind the jam clearance handles and levers should not be visible.
Getting Started Guide

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Table of Contents

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