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Operational Safety Information - Xerox WorkCentre 5845 Getting Started Manual

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Table of Contents
Safety and Regulations

Operational Safety Information

Your Xerox device and supplies have been designed and tested to meet strict safety requirements. These
include safety agency examination, approval, and compliance with established environmental
standards. To ensure the continued safe operation of your Xerox device, follow the safety guidelines on
this website at all times.
Electrical Supply
This document provides important electrical supply safety information that you should read before
installing or using the device.
Read the information in the following sections:
Power Outlet Electrical Safety
Power Cord Electrical Safety
Laser Safety Information
Device Safety
Emergency Power Off
Disconnect Device
Power Outlet Electrical Safety
This device must be operated from the type of electrical supply indicated on the data plate label located
on the rear cover of the device. If you are not sure that your electrical supply meets the requirements,
please consult your local power company or a licensed electrician for advice.
The electrical supply outlet should be installed near the device and should be easily accessible.
This device must be connected to a protective earth circuit. This device is supplied
with a plug that has a protective earth pin. This plug will only fit into an earthed electrical outlet.
This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact a licensed
electrician to replace the outlet. Always connect the device to a correctly grounded power outlet.
If in doubt, have the outlet checked by a qualified electrician. Improper connection of the device-
grounding conductor can result in electrical shock.
Power Cord Electrical Safety
Use only the power cord supplied with this device.
Plug the power cord directly into a grounded electrical outlet. Do not use an extension cord. If you
do not know whether or not an outlet is grounded, consult a qualified electrician.
Do not place this device where people might step on or trip on the power cord.
Do not place objects on the power cord.
To reduce the risk of fire, use only No. 26 American Wire Gauge (AWG) or larger telecommunication
line cord.
Getting Started Guide

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Table of Contents

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