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Xerox WorkCentre 5845 Getting Started Manual page 26

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Table of Contents
Getting Started
Xerox Standard Accounting is an accounting tool which tracks the number of Copy, Print,
Workflow Scanning, Server Fax and Fax jobs for each user.
Xerox Copier Assistant Kit provides easier access to the copying capabilities. This assistive
technology is an alternative to the standard touchscreen and helps everyone, especially people
who are wheelchair users, blind or visually impaired, to easily program copy jobs and make copies.
Foreign Interface Device enables the attachment of a third party access and accounting device,
such as a card swipe or coin operated unit.
Not Available
All the potential options for this device are available on this model either as standard or optional
Identifying the WorkCentre 5855 Standard and Optional Services
There are a number of services and options available for use with your device. Many services and options
are provided as standard and simply require enabling, or configuring with additional third party
Additional optional functions and kits are also available and can be purchased and installed.
The options available are dependent on your device model.
Paper Tray 1 fully adjustable paper tray.
Paper Tray 2 fully adjustable paper tray.
Paper Tray 3 high capacity paper tray.
Paper Tray 4 high capacity paper tray.
Paper Tray 5 (Bypass Tray) used for non-standard printing media.
Security kit provides additional security features, such as image overwrite options.
Color Scanner used to scan in color.
Server Fax enables users to send and receive hard copy faxes via a fax server.
Requires a Third Party Fax Server to be configured and installed.
Internet Fax allows users to send or receive faxes over the internet or intranet.
Scanning enables E-mail and Workflow Scanning services.
Paper Tray 6 high capacity paper tray.
Tray 6 Large Paper Kit converts paper tray 6 to hold larger paper sizes.
Tray 6 A4 Short Edge Feed Kit converts paper tray 6 into a short edge feed tray.
Envelope Tray this tray is fitted instead of paper tray 2 to enable envelope printing. Up to 55 #10
Envelope s (4.1"x 9.5") can be loaded in the tray.
Paper Tray 7 (Inserter) adds pre-printed sheets into copy sets. This is only available with the high
volume finisher or high volume finisher with booklet maker.
Paper Tray Lock Kit locks the trays so that paper cannot be removed, this is a useful feature in
Getting Started Guide

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Table of Contents

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