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Detergent Dosage; Venting The Dos System - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Detergent dosage

This function becomes visible when
External DOS is activated.
You can set the detergent dosage in
milliliters or percent according to the
manufacturer's instructions if you have
installed the DOS module G 60 Semi for
liquid detergent.
Unit of measurement in ml
The factory setting is 30 ml.
The dosage can be set from
10 - 100 ml in 2 ml increments.
Unit of measurement in percent
The factory setting is 0.50%.
The dosage can be set from 0.17 -
1.67% in increments of 0.03 - 0.04%.
Setting the dosage:
Set the dosage according to the
detergent manufacturer's
The dishwasher uses approx. 6.5 l of
water for the main wash cycle.
The detergent manufacturer
recommends 4 ml (or 0.07%) of
detergent per litre of water.
6.5 l x 4 ml/l = 26 ml.
(6.5 l x 0.07 %/l = 0.455%).
^ Select the desired amount of
detergent or the dosage
concentration and press the center
button to confirm.

Venting the DOS system

The DOS system will not dispense
reliably if there is air in the system.
The DOS system must be vented
– if it is being used for the first time,
– if the liquid detergent reservoir was
not refilled on time and the DOS
system was sucked empty.
To ensure that the DOS system
functions properly, prior to venting
make sure that the detergent
container is full enough and that the
dispensing lances are firmly
attached to the containers.
^ Select
Start venting
center button to confirm.
The venting process begins. The
remaining time appears in the display.
The Pre-rinse program is offered
directly after the venting process is
finished. Start the program in order to
dilute and drain any detergent that
escaped into the wash cabinet.
and press the



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