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Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Operating Instructions

Commercial Dishwasher
PG 8083 SCVi
en - US
To prevent accidents
and machine damage
read these instructions
installation or use.
M.-Nr. 09 501 400



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  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating Instructions Commercial Dishwasher PG 8083 SCVi en - US To prevent accidents and machine damage read these instructions before installation or use. M.-Nr. 09 501 400...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Guide to the manual ..........5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Page 3 Contents Use ............34 Detergent .
  • Page 4 The Miele waterproof system ........
  • Page 5: Guide To The Manual

    Guide to the manual Warnings and notes Warnings Warnings marked like this contain safety information concerning potential injury and damage. Read the warnings carefully and follow the instructions and directions. Notes Notes contain information that is particularly important to follow. Additional information and comments Additional information and comments are contained in a simple frame.
  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING - Intended use When using your dishwasher This dishwasher has short runtimes follow basic precautions, with heavy duty cleaning power and is including the following: intended for use in offices, lunch rooms, clubhouses, workshops, large kitchens and similar commercial This dishwasher is intended for environments.
  • Page 7 A damaged machine is cabinetry. dangerous. Unplug the machine and In order to reduce the risk of call your Miele dealer or the Miele damage from condensation, the Technical Service Department. furniture in the area around the The appliance should only be...
  • Page 8 If the power cord is damaged it must only be replaced by a qualified Service technician with a genuine Miele power cord. Do not install this dishwasher beneath a cooking surface, oven or any appliance that radiates heat.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Proper use Under certain conditions, hydrogen gas may be produced in a hot water The dishwasher is designed only for system that has not been used for two operation with water and the weeks or more. HYDROGEN GAS IS appropriate cleaning agents.
  • Page 10: Save These Instructions

    Avoid inhaling detergent. If swallowed, it can cause burning in the Only specific additional equipment, mouth and throat or inhibit breathing. made by Miele or approved by Miele, Observe the detergent should be used with this machine. manufacturer's directions for storage, Consult Miele on the type and use and dosage of cleaning agents.
  • Page 11: Guide To The Commercial Dishwasher

    Guide to the commercial dishwasher Overview Upper spray arm (not visible) Filter combination Cutlery tray Data plate Upper basket Optical interface Middle spray arm Rinse aid reservoir Air inlet for drying Dual-compartment detergent dispenser Lower spray arm Reservoir for regenerating salt...
  • Page 12: Control Panel

    Guide to the commercial dishwasher Control panel Display Program selection 4 ü button, (other programs) Program button for program with indicator light selection - button (On/Off) with indicator light Delay start button with indicator light Optical interface Extra drying button with indicator light...
  • Page 13: Help To Protect The Environment

    Help to protect the environment Disposal of the packing Disposal of an old machine material Old appliances may contain materials that can be recycled. Please contact The cardboard box and packaging your local recycling authority about the protect the appliance during shipping. possibility of recycling these materials.
  • Page 14: Energy Saving Washing

    Help to protect the environment Energy saving washing This dishwasher is exceptionally economical in the use of water and electricity. For best results follow these tips: ^ You may connect the commercial dishwasher to a hot water line. This is particularly suitable with energy-saving water heating sources such as solar energy systems.
  • Page 15: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Opening the door Closing the door ^ Push the baskets in. ^ Push the door until it clicks shut. Keep your fingers off the door frame. Risk of injury! At the end of programs with a drying cycle (see Program guide) the door will automatically open a little in order to improve the drying.
  • Page 16: Display

    Before using for the first time Display General Settings menu The following functions can be selected The Settings menu allows you to set the or set with the display: dishwasher to suit your requirements. See "Settings" for more information. – the wash program –...
  • Page 17: Basic Settings

    Before using for the first time Basic settings It is useful to know your water hardness so that you can provide the service ^ Press the - button to turn the technician with this information in the dishwasher on. event of any service calls. If the dishwasher is being turned on for Please note your water hardness below: the first time, the welcome screen will...
  • Page 18: Filling The Salt Container

    Before using for the first time Every dishwasher is tested before If the hardness of your water is leaving the factory. Any water always below 4 °d (4 gr/gal), you do remaining in the machine is from the not need any salt. final factory test and does not However, you must still program indicate that the machine has been...
  • Page 19 Before using for the first time ^ Only open the door half way when Do not fill water into the salt adding salt to avoid spilling it. reservoir! ^ Press the button on the top of the salt reservoir in the direction of the arrow. ^ Only add just enough salt to fill the The cover will pop open.
  • Page 20: Refill Salt Indicator

    Before using for the first time Refill salt indicator ^ Refill the salt reservoir as soon as the Refill salt message is displayed. ^ Press the center button to confirm. The Refill salt indicator goes out. If a sufficiently high concentration of salt has not yet formed, Refill salt may continue to be displayed after adding the salt.
  • Page 21: Rinse Aid

    Before using for the first time Rinse aid Rinse aid helps to prevent spotting on dishes and glassware and speeds up the drying process. The rinse aid is filled into the reservoir and the set amount will be automatically dispensed. Use rinse aid only.
  • Page 22: Loading The Dishwasher

    Loading the dishwasher Tips: – Concave items such as mugs or bowls should be placed at an angle Remove coarse food residues from the so that the water can run off. dishware. – Ensure that the spray arms are not There is no need to rinse items before blocked by items that are too tall or loading into the dishwasher.
  • Page 23: Items Not Recommended For Dishwashing

    Loading the dishwasher Items not recommended for We recommend: dishwashing: – When purchasing dishes and cutlery, make sure they are dishwasher-safe. – Wooden cutlery and dishes or items with wooden parts: they discolor and – Drinking glasses may become fade. In addition, the glue used in cloudy over time.
  • Page 24: Typical Load For 10 Place Settings With Cutlery Tray

    Loading the dishwasher Typical load for 10 place settings with cutlery tray Upper basket Lower basket Cutlery tray...
  • Page 25: Typical Load For 16 Place Settings With Cutlery Tray

    Loading the dishwasher Typical load for 16 place settings with cutlery tray Upper basket Lower basket Cutlery tray...
  • Page 26: Upper Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Upper basket Foldable spikes The rows of spikes can be lowered to Always use the dishwasher with make more room for larger items, such the upper and lower basket inserted. as casserole dishes. ^ Press the yellow lever down ^ Load the upper basket with small, fold the spikes down lightweight, or delicate items such as...
  • Page 27: Jumbo Cup Rack

    Loading the dishwasher ^ If necessary, move one of the side Jumbo cup rack inserts in the cutlery tray to make The cup rack can be set to two different room for tall glasses. widths so that it can also accommodate large cups.
  • Page 28: Adjusting The Upper Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Adjusting the upper basket Depending on the setting of the upper basket, the following plate dimensions In order to gain more space for taller can be accommodated. items in the lower or upper basket, the upper basket can be adjusted to three Dishwasher with a cutlery tray levels of about 2 cm height difference between each level.
  • Page 29: Lower Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Lower basket ^ Place larger and heavier items such as plates, serving platters, saucepans, bowls, etc. in the lower basket. It can also be used for glasses, cups, small plates and saucers. Heavily soiled items Commercial dishwasher with cutlery tray ^ Place very large plates in the center of the lower basket.
  • Page 30: Removable Multicomfort Insert

    Loading the dishwasher Removable MultiComfort insert Glass rack ^ The glass rack can be folded up to The rear section of the lower basket is used for cups, glasses, plates, pots make more room for tall items. and pans. ^ Stemware, e.g. wine, champagne You can remove the MultiComfort insert and beer glasses, can be leaned to make more space for larger items...
  • Page 31: Glass Rack

    Loading the dishwasher Glass rack The glass rack can hold tall glasses and stemware securely. ^ Press the yellow lever down fold the spikes down Bottle holder ^ Fold the support bar down and lean The bottle holder is for washing narrow the glasses against it.
  • Page 32: Cutlery

    Loading the dishwasher Cutlery Split cutlery tray If spoon handles do not fit between the holders, put them the other way round. ^ Arrange the cutlery in the tray as shown. To make unloading much easier, cutlery can be grouped in zones, one for knives, one for forks, one for spoons, etc.
  • Page 33: Optional Accessories

    ...wash long-stemmed glassware ... a glassware rack for the lower basket. MieleCare Collection Miele branded cleaning and care products, including dishwasher salt, detergent and rinse aid, are available to order from your Miele dealer, Miele or the on-line Miele store
  • Page 34: Use

    Detergent Powder detergents Avoid inhaling powder Use only powder detergent in the detergents. Avoid swallowing dispenser in the door. dishwasher detergent! Detergents ^ Pour powder detergent into the can cause chemical burns to nose, compartments of the detergent mouth and throat. Consult a doctor dispenser.
  • Page 35: Adding Detergent

    Adding detergent Detergent dosing aid Compartment I holds a maximum of 2 teaspoons (10 ml), compartment II holds a maximum of 3.5 tablespoons (50 ml) of detergent. The horizontal marks in compartment II indicate the levels of approximately 1 ¼ and 2 tablespoons (20 and 30 ml) respectively.
  • Page 36: Turning The Dishwasher On

    Turning the dishwasher on Starting a program ^ Open the water supply if it is closed. ^ Close the door to start the program. ^ Open the door. The optical interface lights up to confirm the start of a program ^ Make sure the spray arms can rotate sequence.
  • Page 37: Time Display

    Time display Standby Before the program starts, the time A few minutes after the last button is display shows the runtime of the pressed or a few minutes after the end selected program in hours and minutes. of the program the dishwasher will The remaining time is displayed during switch to Standby mode to save the program.
  • Page 38: End Of Program

    End of program Turning the dishwasher off At the end of a program, the optical At the end of a program: interface flashes with the door closed. ^ Open the door. The program has finished when ^ Press the - button to turn the AutoOpen is displayed and the door dishwasher off.
  • Page 39: Interrupting A Program

    Interrupting a program Changing a program A program will be interrupted as soon If the detergent dispenser cover has as the door is opened. already opened, powder detergent When the door is closed again, the must be added for the new program program will continue from where it was unless liquid detergent is being interrupted.
  • Page 40: Program Guide

    Program guide Program Application Detergent Follow the detergent manufacturer's instructions Compartment I Compartment II For fresh, non-sticky food residues ProSpeed 1 oz For normal, slightly dried food residues Universal 1 oz For burned-on, very adherent, very dry, Pots & Pans starchy or albuminous food residues.
  • Page 41 X = part of the program (X) = additional, optional program steps Interim rinse II, must be programmed by a Miele service technician. Optional temperature increase to 167°F (75°C). No AutoOpen at the program end because of the short program runtime.
  • Page 42 Program guide Program When to use Detergent Follow the detergent manufacturer's instructions Compartment I Compartment II Special program without rinse aid, Glass no recommended for beer glasses. rinse aid (The glasses do not dry through their own 1 oz (beer heat after the program has ended and glasses) might have to be dried by hand).
  • Page 43 X = part of the program (X) = additional, optional program steps Interim rinse II, must be programmed by a Miele service technician. Optional temperature increase to 167°F (75°C). No AutoOpen at the program end because of the short program runtime.
  • Page 44 Program guide Program Consumption Time Electrical energy Water Water cold Water hot 55°C Water cold Water hot 15°C 15°C 55°C ProSpeed 1.7 kWh 0.9 kWh 17 l 35 min 25 min Universal 1.7 kWh 1.0 kWh 17 l 48 min 38 min Pots &...
  • Page 45: Additional Options

    Additional options Extra drying For better drying results and to reduce the amount of steam that escapes when the door is opened, the Extra drying function extends the fan runtime at the end of the program. This function is not available for all programs.
  • Page 46: Delay Start

    Additional options Delay start If you don't close the door within a few seconds after you have set the Delay The start time of a program can be start time, the program runtime will delayed from 30 minutes to 24 hours. again appear in the display.
  • Page 47: Brilliantlight

    Additional options BrilliantLight The commercial dishwasher is equipped with interior lighting. The lighting switches off automatically when the door is open for longer than 15 minutes. You can permanently switch off the interior lighting. ^ Swing the door of the dishwasher halfway open and closed quickly three times.
  • Page 48: Settings

    Settings Settings menu for changing Language standard settings The display can be set to different languages. Opening the Settings menu The displayed language can be ^ If the dishwasher is on, press the - Language changed in the submenu. button to turn it off. ^ Select the desired language and ^ Press and hold the X button.
  • Page 49: Water Hardness

    Settings Water hardness °d gr/gal Setting in display Your dishwasher comes with with a water softener. You must set the system to the water hardness level of your water supply. – The dishwasher must be programmed to exactly match the hardness of your water.
  • Page 50: Rinse Aid

    Settings Rinse aid Buzzer For best results the rinse aid dosage If activated, the buzzer sounds at the can be adjusted. end of a program and when a fault The dosage can be set between 0-6 ml. occurs. The factory setting is 3 ml of rinse aid. Buzzer at the end of a program –...
  • Page 51: Autoopen

    Settings AutoOpen Optimize Standby To improve drying, the door A few minutes after the last button is automatically opens a little at the end of pressed or a few minutes after the end a program, except for Pre-rinse, Short of the program the dishwasher will and Beer glasses (see Program guide).
  • Page 52: Refill Messages

    Settings Filter check The refill messages can be turned You can set the length of the interval off without first refilling to let the between filter checks as a reminder. dishwasher go into Standby mode. You can set an interval between 30 and But the fault messages cannot be 60 wash cycles.
  • Page 53: Detergent Dosage

    Settings Detergent dosage Venting the DOS system The DOS system will not dispense This function becomes visible when reliably if there is air in the system. External DOS is activated. The DOS system must be vented You can set the detergent dosage in –...
  • Page 54: High Temp Rinse

    Settings High temp rinse For better drying, the rinse temperature can be increased. This function is not available for all programs (see "Program guide"). ^ Select the desired setting and press the center button to confirm. Water plus When selected, more water will be used for the wash cycle.
  • Page 55: Factory Default

    Settings Factory default Temp. display You can reset all settings back to the During a program the current factory default settings. An activated temperature is displayed as factory External Dos and its respective amount default setting. of detergent or dosage concentration If the temperature display is turned off will not be reset.
  • Page 56: Cleaning And Care

    If, however, there are limescale or grease deposits in the cabinet, these can be removed with a special dishwasher cleaner (available from Miele). Washing at low temperatures can allow germs and odors to build up inside the appliance. To prevent this, run an intensive program with detergent after approx.
  • Page 57: Cleaning The Control Panel And Exterior

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the control panel and Glass cleaners may be used to exterior clean the exterior. However do not allow them to sit or "puddle", this can Remove any soiling immediately. cause damage to the surface. Otherwise it might become Remove the cleaner promptly.
  • Page 58: Triple Filter System

    Cleaning and care Triple filter system Cleaning the filters ^ Turn the dishwasher off. The triple filter system in the base of the wash cabinet retains coarse dirt from the suds solution, preventing it from reaching the circulation system and re-entering the cabinet through the spray arms.
  • Page 59 Cleaning and care ^ Replace the triple filter so it lies flat in The cover must be opened to clean the inside of the filter: the base of the wash cabinet. ^ Push the clips together in the ^ Lock the filter by turning the handle direction of the arrows as shown clockwise, until the arrows point to and open the cover...
  • Page 60: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Cleaning and care ^ Remove the lower basket. Cleaning the spray arms Particles of food can get stuck in the spray arm jets and bearings. The spray arms should therefore be checked regularly (approx. every 4 - 6 months). ^ Turn the dishwasher off. Remove the spray arms as follows: ^ Pull out the cutlery tray (if present).
  • Page 61: Frequently Asked Questions

    The circuit breaker has – Reset the circuit breaker. tripped. See the data plate for minimum amperage. – If the circuit breaker trips again. Contact Miele. Press the - button and The dishwasher is not turned on. select a program. The dishwasher stops The circuit breaker has –...
  • Page 62 – Select the desired program. – Close the door. If the error message is displayed again, there is a technical fault. – Contact Miele. L Waterproof The waterproof system – Turn off the water supply. has activated. – Contact Miele.
  • Page 63: Faults In The Water Intake Or Water Drain

    Frequently asked questions Faults in the water intake or water drain Problem Possible fault Solution The optical interface flashes fast. The buzzer sounds. One of the following fault messages is displayed: 2 Open the water supply The water supply is Open the water supply all closed.
  • Page 64 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution The optical interface Before fixing the fault: – Press the - button to turn flashes fast. The buzzer sounds. the dishwasher off. One of the following Fault in the water – Clean the triple filter system fault messages is drainage.
  • Page 65: General Problems With The Dishwasher

    Frequently asked questions General problems with the dishwasher Problem Possible fault Solution Press the - button to come The indicator lights The indicators and the and the display are display turn off out of Standby mode. dark. Only the automatically to save indicator light - energy (Standby).
  • Page 66 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution There are detergent The dispenser was wet Make sure the dispenser residues in the when detergent was is dry before adding dispenser at the end of added. detergent. a program. The detergent dispenser Detergent residue is Remove the detergent cover will not close.
  • Page 67: Noises

    Frequently asked questions Noises Problem Possible fault Solution There is a knocking A spray arm is hitting the Interrupt the program and noise in the wash dishware. rearrange items blocking cabinet. the spray arms. There is a rattling Dishware is moving Interrupt the program and around in the wash rearrange loose pieces.
  • Page 68: Poor Cleaning Results

    Frequently asked questions Poor cleaning results Problem Possible fault Solution The dishes are not The dishes were not loaded See "Loading the clean. correctly. dishwasher". The program was not suitable Select a more suitable for the requirements. program (see "Program guide").
  • Page 69 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution Dishes are not dry, The rinse aid dosage is set Refill the reservoir, increase or glasses and too low or the rinse aid the dosage, or switch the cutlery are spotty. reservoir is empty. rinse aid product when refilling (see "Rinse aid").
  • Page 70 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution Glasses have a Detergent deposits. Switch to another detergent brownish-blue right away. discoloration; the deposit cannot be wiped off. Glasses are dull and The glasses are not There is no remedy. discolored; the dishwasher-safe.
  • Page 71: User Maintenance Instructions

    This filter is available from Miele. ^ Replace the screen and seal. Make To clean the screen: sure they are positioned correctly.
  • Page 72: Cleaning The Drain Pump And Non-Return Valve

    User maintenance instructions Cleaning the drain pump and The drain pump is located beneath the non-return valve (arrow). non-return valve If there is still some water in the wash cabinet at the end of a program, the water was not pumped out properly. The drain pump or the non-return valve might be clogged.
  • Page 73: After Sales Service

    After sales service Repairs In the event of a fault which you cannot correct yourself please contact the Miele Service Department at the phone number on the back of this booklet. ^ Please quote the model type and number of your appliance.
  • Page 74: Electrical Connection

    – A damaged power cord must only be Follow the installation diagram replaced with a genuine Miele cord included with the dishwasher! by a Miele service technician.. – For technical data, see the data plate Grounding connection or the attached wiring diagram.
  • Page 75 Electrical connection The PG 8083 SCVi comes equipped with a 14/3 AWG cord for connection to a standard AC 120 V, 60 Hz power outlet with a NEMA 5-15P plug or with a 10/4 AWG cord for connection to a 2N AC 208/240 V, 60 Hz power supply with a NEMA Type 14-30P plug.
  • Page 76: Plumbing

    Plumbing The Miele waterproof system – Valves with 3/4" male thread are to be provided on site. Faucets and Providing the dishwasher was installed drain connections should be situated correctly by a qualified technician, the as close to the machine as possible, waterproof system will protect you from and be easily accessible.
  • Page 77: Water Drainage

    Plumbing Water drainage Venting the drainage system – The drain is equipped with a The drain must be vented if the non-return valve which prevents connection to the building' s drainage waste water from flowing back into system is lower than the roller guides the dishwasher through the drain for the lower basket in the door.
  • Page 78: Technical Data

    13' 1 1/2" (4 m) Power cord approx. 6' (1.7 m) Capacity 16 standard table settings Noise emissions Sound power level LwA 49 dB (A) Sound pressure level LpA 38 dB (A) Manufacturer's address Miele & Cie. KG, Carl-Miele-Str. 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 79: Noise Measurement

    Noise measurement General requirements for measuring noise The dishwasher must be loaded with 16 place settings and the Normal program must be used. Installation requirements for measuring noise The dishwasher must be installed as follows:. ^ Install the dishwasher into an appropriate housing unit. ^ Secure the front panel.
  • Page 80 Noise measurement ^ Push the insulation mat supplied (depending on model) under the plinth until it is up against the appliance feet ^ Attach the toe-kick so that it is flush with the door front...

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