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Miele PG 8083 SCVi Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions

Commercial dishwasher
PG 8083 SCVi
en - GB, IE, AE
To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to
the machine, it is essential to read these
instructions before it is installed and used for the
M.-Nr. 09 841 683
first time.



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  Summary of Contents for Miele PG 8083 SCVi

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Commercial dishwasher PG 8083 SCVi en - GB, IE, AE To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the machine, it is essential to read these instructions before it is installed and used for the M.-Nr. 09 841 683...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Notes about these instructions................ 5 Guide to the machine ....................  6 Machine overview....................6 Control panel ......................7 Correct use ...................... 8 Warning and Safety instructions................  10 Caring for the environment ................ 16 Energy-saving washing ..................17 Commissioning.................... 18 Opening the door ....................
  • Page 3 Contents Adding powder detergent..................36 Switching on......................37 Selecting a programme ..................37 To start a programme .................... 37 Time display ......................38 Standby ......................... 38 Programme end..................... 39 Switching off......................39 Unloading the dishwasher..................39 Interrupting a programme..................40 Changing a programme..................
  • Page 4 Customer service .................... 63 Programme updates....................63 Electrical connection UK .................. 64 Plumbing ...................... 65 The Miele Waterproof system................65 Connection to the water supply ................65 Connecting the drain hose ..................67 Technical data......................  68 Data sheet for household dishwashers ..............69 Settings menu......................
  • Page 5: Notes About These Instructions

    Notes about these instructions Important warnings  Information which is important for safety is highlighted in a thick framed box with a warning symbol. This alerts you to the potential danger of injury to people or damage to property. Read these warning notes carefully and observe the procedural instructions and codes of practice they describe.
  • Page 6: Guide To The Machine

    Guide to the machine Machine overview a Upper spray arm (not visible) g Filter combination b Cutlery tray h Data plate c Upper basket i In-operation indicator light d Middle spray arm j Rinse aid reservoir e Air inlet for drying k Dual compartment detergent dispenser f Lower spray arm...
  • Page 7: Control Panel

    Guide to the machine Control panel a Display e Programmes b > button (Further programmes) f  Programme selection button with indicator light g  On/Off button c Delay start button  with indicator with indicator light light h In-operation indicator light d Extra Drying button ...
  • Page 8: Correct Use

    Any other use, conversions and modification are not permitted and could be dangerous. Miele cannot be held liable for damage resulting from incorrect or improper use or operation.  This dishwasher is intended for stationary, indoor use only.
  • Page 9 This special lamp must only be used for the purpose for which it is intended. It is not suitable for room lighting. Replacement lamps may only be fitted by a Miele authorised person or by Miele Service.
  • Page 10: Warning And Safety Instructions

    Miele Professional Service or a suitably qualified service technician.  Faulty components must only be replaced by genuine Miele original spare parts. Only when these parts are fitted can Miele guarantee the correct functioning and safety of the appliance.
  • Page 11 (available from Miele Service). For safety reasons, such replacement may only be carried out by a qualified technician or the Miele Service.  The dishwasher must be disconnected from the mains electricity supply before any maintenance or repair work is carried out.
  • Page 12 Warning and Safety instructions  The integrated Waterproof system offers protection from water damage, provided the following conditions are met: – installation has been carried out correctly, – the dishwasher is properly maintained and parts are replaced where it can be seen that this is necessary, –...
  • Page 13 Warning and Safety instructions Correct use  This dishwasher is designed for operation with water and cleaning agents suitable for use in commercial dishwashers only. Organic solvents and flammable liquid agents must not be used in it. This could cause an explosion, damage rubber or plastic components in the dishwasher and cause liquids to leak out of it.
  • Page 14 Seek medical attention immediately if cleaning agent has been swallowed or inhaled.  Miele cannot be held liable for any effect chemical cleaning agents may have on the material of the items being cleaned. Observe the cleaning agent manufacturer's instructions with regard to storage conditions, use and dosage.
  • Page 15 Accessories  Accessory parts may only be fitted when expressly approved by Miele. If other parts are used, warranty, performance and product liability claims will be invalidated. Miele cannot be held liable for damage caused by non-compliance with these Warning and Safety instructions.
  • Page 16: Caring For The Environment

    / recycling centre for electrical and electronic appliances, or contact your dealer or Miele for advice. You are also responsible (by law, depending on country) for deleting any personal data that may be stored on the appliance being disposed of.
  • Page 17: Energy-Saving Washing

    Caring for the environment  When using powder detergent you Energy-saving washing can use 1/3 less detergent if baskets This dishwasher is exceptionally are only half full. economical in its use of water and electricity. You can make the most of your machine by following these tips: ...
  • Page 18: Commissioning

    Commissioning Opening the door Closing the door  Push the baskets right in.  Then raise the door up, and push until it clicks into position.  Do not put your hand inside the door as it is closing. Danger of injury. At the end of programmes with a drying phase (see "Programme chart"), the door will open automatically a little in...
  • Page 19: Display Functions

    Commissioning Display functions General Settings menu The display is used to select or set the following: The Settings menu is used to alter the dishwasher's electronics to suit – the programme different requirements. – the delay start time The Settings menu is accessed by pressing a specific button combination.
  • Page 20: Standard Settings

    Commissioning In the event of a fault, it will help the Standard settings service technician if you know the  Switch the dishwasher on with the  hardness of your local water supply. button. Enter the water hardness below: If the dishwasher is being switched on ____________mmol/l or °d for the first time, the welcome screen will appear.
  • Page 21: Before Using The Machine For The First Time, You Will Need

    Filling the salt reservoir dishwasher salt for reactivation, or pure evaporated salt. In order to achieve good cleaning Miele Professional offer appropriate results, the dishwasher needs to products. operate with soft water. Hard water results in a build-up of calcium deposits Other salts may contain insoluble on crockery and in the dishwasher.
  • Page 22 Commissioning  When filling the salt reservoir only open the door halfway to ensure that all the salt gets into the reservoir.  Add salt only until the reservoir is full. The salt reservoir holds approx. 1 kg of salt, depending on the type of salt used.
  • Page 23: Add Salt Reminder

    The salt refill reminder is deactivated if the dishwasher is set to a water Suitable products are available from hardness of less than 0.7 mmol/l (0 - 4 Miele Professional. °dH). Alternatively household vinegar with a  Run the "Pre-wash" or the max.
  • Page 24: Adding Rinse Aid

    Commissioning  Wipe up any spilled rinse aid. This Adding rinse aid prevents over-foaming occurring during the next programme. You can adjust the rinse aid dosage for best results (see "Settings menu, Rinse aid"). Rinse aid refill reminder When the  Add rinse aid message appears, the reservoir contains...
  • Page 25: Loading The Dishwasher

    Loading the dishwasher  Hollow items such as cups, glasses, Loading the dishwasher pans, etc. must be inverted in the Remove coarse food residues from basket. crockery.  Tall, narrow, hollow items should be There is no need to rinse items under placed in the centre of the basket if running water.
  • Page 26 Loading the dishwasher Items not suitable for dishwashers: We recommend – Wooden cutlery and crockery or – When purchasing new crockery and items with wooden parts: these may cutlery, make sure they are discolour and fade. The glue used in dishwasher-proof.
  • Page 27: Upper Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Hinged spikes Upper basket The rows of spikes can be folded down  For safety reasons, do not to make more room for larger items operate the dishwasher without the such as casserole dishes. upper and lower baskets in place. ...
  • Page 28: Jumbo Cup Rack

    Loading the dishwasher  You can also move one of the side Jumbo cup rack inserts of the cutlery tray to make The cup rack can be set at two different more room for tall glasses. widths so that it can also accommodate large cups.
  • Page 29: Adjusting The Upper Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Adjusting the upper basket Depending on the setting of the upper basket, the following plate dimensions In order to gain more space for taller can be accommodated. pieces of crockery in the lower or upper basket, the upper basket can be Commercial dishwasher with cutlery adjusted on three levels with 2 cm tray...
  • Page 30: Lower Basket

    Loading the dishwasher Lower basket  Use the lower basket for larger and heavier items such as plates, serving platters, saucepans, serving dishes, etc. Glasses, cups and small items such as saucers can also be placed in the lower basket. ...
  • Page 31: Removable Multicomfort Insert

    Loading the dishwasher Removable MultiComfort insert Glass rack  The glass rack can be raised to make The rear section of the lower basket is used for washing cups, glasses, plates more room for tall items. and pots.  Stemware, e.g. wine glasses or You can remove the MultiComfort insert champagne flutes, can be leaned to make more room for larger items...
  • Page 32: Glass Rail

    Loading the dishwasher  Press the yellow lever downwards , Glass rail and then lower the spikes . This rail is designed to hold tall glasses and stemware securely. Bottle holder The bottle holder can be used to wash narrow items, e.g. milk and baby bottles.
  • Page 33: 3D Cutlery Tray

    Loading the dishwasher 3D cutlery tray If spoon handles do not fit between the holders, then lay them the other way  Arrange the cutlery in the tray as round. shown. To make unloading easier, cutlery should be grouped in zones, one for knives, one for forks, one for spoons, etc.
  • Page 34: Operation

    Suitable products are available from pump and set the dosage.. Miele Professional. For special soiling and if using liquid detergent, contact Miele for advice on Tabs can be used. how to set the dosage for best results. Only use tabs that are quick dissolving.
  • Page 35 Operation  Wipe up any spilled chemical agent thoroughly.  Place the container on the floor next to the dishwasher or in an adjacent cupboard. The container must be on the same level as the dishwasher. It must not be placed higher than the dishwasher or on top of it.
  • Page 36: Adding Powder Detergent

    Operation  Do not inhale or ingest powder detergent. Do not swallow dishwasher detergents. Dishwasher detergents can cause burning in the nose, mouth and throat if swallowed, or inhibit breathing. Seek medical attention immediately if detergent has been swallowed or inhaled. Keep children away from detergents.
  • Page 37: Switching On

    Operation When the indicator light next to  Switching on lights up, you can select further  Open the stopcock, if it is closed. programmes using the > button.  Make sure the spray arms can rotate You can now select additional freely.
  • Page 38: Time Display

    Operation Time display Standby The duration of the programme selected To save energy, the dishwasher will appears in hours and minutes in the switch to Standby mode a few minutes display before the programme begins. after the last time a button has been During the programme, the time left pressed or a few minutes after the end until the end of the programme is...
  • Page 39: Programme End

    Operation Programme end Switching off At the end of a programme, the In- At the end of a programme: operation indicator light will be visible  Open the door. flashing slowly with the door shut.  Switch the dishwasher off with the  The programme has finished when button.
  • Page 40: Interrupting A Programme

    Operation Interrupting a programme Changing a programme A programme is interrupted as soon as If the detergent dispenser cover has the door is opened. already opened, powder detergent If the door is closed again, the must be added for the new programme will continue from the point programme unless liquid cleaning it was at before the door was opened.
  • Page 41: Additional Functions

    Additional functions Extra drying Delay start For better drying results and to reduce The start time of a programme can be the amount of steam that escapes delayed, e.g. to benefit from cheaper when the door is opened, the Extra electricity tariffs at night.
  • Page 42 Additional functions If you do not close the door within a few seconds of setting the Delay start time, the programme duration will appear in the display again. You will have to set the Delay start time again. The time starts counting down in minutes until the programme start time.
  • Page 43: Brilliantlight

    Additional functions BrilliantLight This dishwasher has interior lighting. When the door is open the lighting will switch off automatically after 15 minutes. You can also switch off the interior lighting permanently.  Half open the dishwasher door and quickly swing it back and forth three times.
  • Page 44: Cleaning And Care

    – Any screw connections and proprietary dishwasher cleaner connectors in the wash cabinet (available from Miele). – Water inlet and drainage Washing at low temperatures can allow germs and odours to build up inside the –...
  • Page 45: Cleaning The Reflector Panel

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the reflector panel To avoid damaging the surfaces of the machine, do The reflector panel for the In-operation not use: indicator light is situated in the coverplate underneath the worktop. – cleaning agents containing soda, ammonia, acids or chlorides, ...
  • Page 46: Checking The Filters In The Wash Cabinet

    Cleaning and care Checking the filters in the Cleaning the filters wash cabinet  Switch the dishwasher off. The filter combination in the base of the wash cabinet retains coarse soil from the suds solution, preventing it accessing the circulation system and re-entering the cabinet through the spray arms.
  • Page 47 Cleaning and care  Replace the filter combination so that To clean the inside of the filter, the flap must be opened: it lies flat in the base of the wash cabinet.  Press catches  together in the  Then turn the handle clockwise to direction of the arrows as shown, and open the filter .
  • Page 48: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Cleaning and care Cleaning the spray arms Particles of food can get stuck in the spray arm jets and bearings. The spray arms should therefore be inspected and cleaned regularly (approx. every 4 - 6 months).  Switch the dishwasher off. Remove the spray arms as follows: ...
  • Page 49: Problem Solving Guide

    You should, however, note the following:  Repairs must only be carried out by a Miele technician or a Miele authorised service agent in accordance with local and national safety regulations. Unauthorised or incorrect repairs and other work by unqualified persons could be dangerous.
  • Page 50  Switch the dishwasher back on.  Select the programme you want.  Close the door. If the fault message appears again, there is a technical fault.  Call Miele Service. The Waterproof system has reacted.  Waterproof  Close the stopcock.
  • Page 51: Faults With Water Intake Or Drainage

    Problem solving guide Faults with water intake or drainage Problem Cause and remedy The In-operation indicator is flashing quickly. The buzzer is sounding. One of the following faults appears in the display: The stopcock is closed.    Open stopcock ...
  • Page 52: General Problems

    Problem solving guide General problems Problem Cause and remedy The indicator lights and The indicators and the display switch off the display are dark. automatically to save energy (Standby mode). Only the  indicator  Press the  button. Standby comes to an end. flashes slowly.
  • Page 53 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy Water remains in the Before rectifying the problem: wash cabinet at the end  Switch the dishwasher off with the  button. of a programme. The filter combination in the wash cabinet is clogged. ...
  • Page 54: Noises

    Problem solving guide Noises Problem Cause and remedy Knocking noise in the A spray arm is knocking against an item in a basket. wash cabinet.  Interrupt the programme, and rearrange the items which are obstructing the spray arm. Rattling noise in the Items are insecure in the wash cabinet.
  • Page 55: Unsatisfactory Cleaning Result

    Problem solving guide Unsatisfactory cleaning result Problem Cause and remedy The dishes are not The dishes were not loaded correctly. clean.  See notes in "Loading the dishwasher". The programme was not suitable for the load.  Select a more suitable programme (see "Programme chart").
  • Page 56 Problem solving guide Problem Cause and remedy White residue is visible The rinsing agent dosage is set too low. on the dishware.  Increase the dosage (see "Settings menu, Rinse Clouding occurs on "). glassware and cutlery; There is no salt in the salt reservoir. film can be wiped off.
  • Page 57: Maintenance

     Take care when withdrawing the filter union. This filter is available from Miele. not to pull out or dislodge the flow regulator located underneath the Cleaning the filters: filter.
  • Page 58: Cleaning The Drain Pump And Non-Return Valve

    Maintenance Cleaning the drain pump and non-return valve If the water has not been pumped away at the end of a programme the drain pump or the non-return valve might be blocked. They are, however, easy to clean.  Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains (switch the dishwasher off, unplug it or disconnect or disable the fuse).
  • Page 59: Optional Accessories

    Optional accessories Making better use of the dishwasher Optional accessories for this dishwasher are available from Miele. If you would like to … you will need to order … ... wash a Miele Cappuccinatore … a Cappuccinatore insert for the upper basket ...wash additional cutlery...
  • Page 60: Programme Chart

    Programme chart Programme When to use Detergent The following dosages are based on Miele products. Please follow manufacturer's instructions on dosage. Compartment I Compartment II  For fresh, easily removed food residues 20 - 25 g Short or 1 tab ...
  • Page 61 X = sections included in a programme (X) = optional sections which can be selected (see "Further settings - Additional functions") Interim rinse II must be programmed by a Miele service technician. Optional temperature increase to 75 °C. No AutoOpen at the end of the programme because of the short running time.
  • Page 62 Programme chart Programme Consumption Duration (min) Energy (kWh) Water (l) Cold water Hot water Cold water Hot water (15 °C) (55 °C) (15 °C) (55 °C) 6.7 kW 8.3 kW 6.7 kW 8.3 kW 6.7 kW 8.3 kW 6.7 kW 8.3 kW 6.7 kW 8.3 kW  Short 17 l  Medium 17 l  Intensive ...
  • Page 63: Customer Service

    – a qualified specialist. Programme updates can only be performed by a Miele service  When contacting Miele, you will need technician. the model and serial number of your dishwasher. Note for test institutes...
  • Page 64: Electrical Connection Uk

    – If replacing the mains cable, use only original Miele replacement parts or a suitable cable with core cable ends. – For technical data see data plate or wiring diagram supplied.
  • Page 65: Plumbing

    The Miele Waterproof system the take-off point) must be between Provided your dishwasher has been 30 and 1000 kPa (0.3 and 10 bar). installed correctly, the Miele Waterproof If the water pressure is lower than system will provide protection against this, the fault message...
  • Page 66 Plumbing  To avoid any damage to the machine, the dishwasher must only be connected to a fully vented plumbing system.  The inlet hose must not be shortened or damaged in any way as it contains electrical components (see illustration).
  • Page 67: Connecting The Drain Hose

    Plumbing Venting the drainage system Connecting the drain hose If the on-site drain connection is – The machine drainage system is situated lower than the guide path for fitted with a non-return valve, which the bottom basket rollers in the open prevents dirty water from flowing door, the drainage system must be back into the dishwasher via the...
  • Page 68: Technical Data

    14 place settings Noise emission values Sound power in LwA 49 dB (A) Sound pressure in LpA 38 dB (A) Test certificates awarded EMC, VDE, radio and television suppressed CE-mark 2006/42/EC Machine guidelines Manufacturer's address Miele & Cie. KG, Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany...
  • Page 69: Data Sheet For Household Dishwashers

    Data sheet for household dishwashers In acc. with delegated regulation (EU) No. 1059/2010 MIELE Model name / identifier PG 8083 SCVi XXL Rated capacity in standard place settings, for the standard cleaning cycle Energy efficiency class A+++ (most efficient) to D (least efficient)
  • Page 70: Settings Menu

    Settings menu Settings menu for changing Language standard settings The display can be set to appear in one of several different languages. Open the Settings menu You can change the language in the  If the dishwasher is switched on, display via the Language ...
  • Page 71: Water Hardness

    Settings menu Water hardness °d mmol/l °f Display Your dishwasher is fitted with a water softener. – The dishwasher must be programmed for the water hardness level in your area. – Your local water authority will be able to advise you of the water hardness level in your area.
  • Page 72: Rinse Aid

    Settings menu Rinse aid Buzzer For best results the rinse aid dosage When the buzzer is activated, an can be adjusted. audible tone sounds at the end of a The dosage can be set between programme and when there is a fault. approx.
  • Page 73: Autoopen

    Settings menu AutoOpen Optimise standby To improve drying, the door To save energy, the dishwasher will automatically opens a little at the end of switch to Standby mode a few minutes a programme, except for Pre-wash, after the last time a button has been Short and Beer glasses (see pressed or a few minutes after the end "Programme chart").
  • Page 74: Refill Reminders

    Settings menu Refill reminders Check filters You can adjust the interval at which the You can switch off the reminders to reminder to check the filters appears. replenish salt and rinse aid so that You can set an interval of between 30 the dishwasher will go into Standby and 60 programme cycles.
  • Page 75: Detergent Amount

    Settings menu Detergent amount Venting DOS This function only becomes visible The DOS system will not dispense when External DOS is activated. reliably if there is air in the system. When using liquid dispensing via an The DOS system must be vented: external dispensing module, you can –...
  • Page 76: Final Rinse Temperature

    Settings menu Final rinse temperature Showroom programme For better drying, the final rinse For demonstration purposes only. temperature can be increased for individual programmes. This function is The dishwasher is equipped with not available for all programmes (see various demo programmes for "Programme chart").
  • Page 77: Factory Default Setting

    Settings menu Factory default setting If any settings have been changed from the factory default, you can reset them back to the factory default settings. An activated external dispensing module and its respective amount of cleaning agent or dosage concentration will not be reset.
  • Page 80 P.O. Box 11 47 82 - Dubai E-Mail:, Internet: Tel. +971 4 3044 999, Fax. +971 4 3418 852 800-MIELE (64353) Manufacturer: Miele & Cie. KG Carl-Miele-Straße 29, 33332 Gütersloh, Germany E-Mail:, Website: 2017-09-01 M.-Nr. 09 841 683 / 00 ...