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Electrical Connection - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Electrical connection

All electrical work must be
performed by a qualified service
technician in accordance with local
and national safety regulations.
– The electrical connection is made
through a plug and outlet according
to national requirements. The outlet
has to be easily accessible after
installation. This facilitates access for
electrical safety checks, for example
when the appliance is being repaired
or serviced.
– If the appliance is hard wired, a
multiple-pole circuit breaker must be
installed. The contact opening at the
main breaker must be at least 3 mm
wide and lockable in the open
– If necessary, an equalization of the
potentials must be carried out.
– A damaged power cord must only be
replaced with a genuine Miele cord
by a Miele service technician..
– For technical data, see the data plate
or the attached wiring diagram.
The appliance must only be operated
with the voltage, frequency and fuse
rating shown on the data plate.
A conversion may only be performed
according to the attached conversion
diagram and wiring diagram.
Subsequent conversions may result
in longer program runtimes and
higher energy consumption.
The specified label values are only
met with the factory settings.
The data plates are at the back of the
appliance and along the right edge of
the open door.
The wiring diagram comes with the
The conversion diagram is attached to
the base panel behind the plastic base
Removing the base cover
The electrical terminal is located behind
the front cover in the middle of the
dishwasher base.
Disconnect the dishwasher from
the electrical power supply.
^ Unscrew the 2 screws (left and right)
and remove the base panel.
^ Screw the base panel back on when
work on the connection is finished.
Follow the installation diagram
included with the dishwasher!
Grounding connection
The ground lead must be connected to
the screw connection point (marked
with the ground symbol 8) at the back
of the machine.



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