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Loading The Dishwasher - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Loading the dishwasher

Remove coarse food residues from the
There is no need to rinse items before
loading into the dishwasher.
Do not wash items soiled with
ash, sand, wax, grease or paint in
the dishwasher.
These materials damage the
All items can be placed anywhere in
the baskets. However, note the
– Do not place dishes or cutlery inside
other pieces. They will cover each
– Load dishes so that water can reach
all the surfaces. This ensures that the
items will be properly cleaned!
– Make sure that all items are securely
– Hollow items such as cups, glasses
and pots should be placed upside
down in the baskets.
– Place tall, narrow, hollow items, e.g.
champagne glasses, in the center of
the basket rather than in the corners.
This ensures good water coverage.
– Concave items such as mugs or
bowls should be placed at an angle
so that the water can run off.
– Ensure that the spray arms are not
blocked by items that are too tall or
that hang through the baskets.
Check clearance by manually
rotating the spray arms.
– Place very small items such as lids in
the cutlery tray or basket (depending
on the model) so they do not fall to
the bottom of the wash cabinet.
Some foods, e.g. carrots, tomatoes
and ketchup, may contain natural
dyes. Plastic items may discolor
permanently if they come in contact
with food dyes. This discoloration
does not affect the stability of the
plastic items.



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