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User Maintenance Instructions; Cleaning The Water Supply Screen - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Cleaning the water supply
There is a screen in the screw
connection of the water inlet hose to
protect the water inlet valve. The screen
must be cleaned when dirty, otherwise
insufficient water will flow into the wash
The plastic housing of the water
connection contains an electric
valve. The housing must not be
immersed in water.
If the water supply contains a large
amount of insoluble substances, we
recommend fitting a large-area filter
between the tap and the water inlet
This filter is available from Miele.
To clean the screen:
^ Disconnect the dishwasher from the
electric power supply. Always switch
the appliance off before unplugging
^ Turn off the water supply.
^ Unscrew the water supply valve.

User maintenance instructions

^ Take the seal ring out of the screw
^ Use needlenose pliers to pull out the
screen, then clean it.
^ When removing the screen, take care
not to pull out or displace the flow
regulator behind it.
^ Replace the screen and seal. Make
sure they are positioned correctly.
^ Reconnect the water supply valve to
the tap. Make sure not to
cross-thread the connection.
^ Turn the water supply back on.
If the connection leaks it might be too
loose or cross-threaded.
Unscrew and reconnect the water
supply valve correctly.



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