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Items Not Recommended For Dishwashing - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Items not recommended for
– Wooden cutlery and dishes or items
with wooden parts: they discolor and
fade. In addition, the glue used in
these items is not dishwasher-proof.
Result: wooden handles may come
– Hand-crafted items, antiques,
valuable vases and decorative
glassware: these items are not
– Plastic items which are not heat
resistant: these items may become
– Copper, brass, tin and aluminium
items: these may discolor or become
– Colors painted over a glaze: these
may fade after a number of washes.
– Fine glassware and crystal: they may
become cloudy over time.
Loading the dishwasher
We recommend:
– When purchasing dishes and cutlery,
make sure they are dishwasher-safe.
– Drinking glasses may become
cloudy over time. Fine glassware
should only be washed at low
temperatures (see "Program guide")
This reduces the risk of clouding.
Silver and aluminum:
– Silver or aluminum items may tarnish.
– Silverware previously cleaned with a
silver polish may be damp or spotted
at the end of a program where water
has adhered to the polish. This can
be rubbed off with a soft, dry cloth.
Silver that has been cleaned in an
immersion dip is usually dry at the
end of a program, but may tarnish.
– If left to dry, foods containing sulfur
can discolor silver. These include
egg yolk, onions, mayonnaise,
mustard, fish and marinades.
– Silverware may tarnish or pit if
washed next to stainless steel.
Leave space between these metals
Aluminum components
(e.g. grease filters) must not be
washed with caustic alkaline
commercial or industrial cleaning
agents in the dishwasher. These
may damage the material. In
extreme cases they can cause a
severe chemical reaction.



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