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Cleaning And Care; Cleaning The Wash Cabinet; Cleaning The Door And The Door Seal; Cleaning The Light Guide - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Cleaning and care

Check the overall condition of your
dishwasher regularly (approx. every
4 - 6 months). This will help to
prevent problems.
The outer surfaces of the
dishwasher are susceptible to
Contact with unsuitable cleaning
agents can alter or discolor the outer

Cleaning the wash cabinet

The wash cabinet is largely
self-cleaning, provided that the correct
amount of detergent is used.
If, however, there are limescale or
grease deposits in the cabinet, these
can be removed with a special
dishwasher cleaner (available from
Washing at low temperatures can allow
germs and odors to build up inside the
appliance. To prevent this, run an
intensive program with detergent after
approx. 20 program cycles with low
Cleaning the door and the door
^ Wipe the door seals regularly with a
damp cloth to remove food deposits.
^ Wipe food and drink residues off the
dishwasher door.
These surfaces are outside the wash
cabinet and are not reached by water
from the spray arms.

Cleaning the light guide

The light guide for the optical interface
is located in the cover plate under the
^ If necessary, clean the light guide
with a moist cloth or a household
cleaner that is safe for plastics.



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