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Basic Settings; Language; Water Hardness - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Basic settings

^ Press the - button to turn the
dishwasher on.
If the dishwasher is being turned on for
the first time, the welcome screen will


The display automatically switches to
the language setting.
See "Display" for details.
^ Select the desired language and
press the center button to confirm.
The selected language is marked with a

Water hardness

The display changes to the water
hardness setting.
– The dishwasher must be
programmed to exactly match the
hardness of your water.
– Your local water authority can tell you
the water hardness level in your area.
– Where the water hardness fluctuates
[e.g. 18 - 26 gr/gal (17 - 25 °d)],
always program the dishwasher to
the higher value [(in this example
26 gr/gal (25 °d)].
Before using for the first time
It is useful to know your water hardness
so that you can provide the service
technician with this information in the
event of any service calls.
Please note your water hardness below:
°d (gr/gal)
The water hardness factory setting is
15 °d (16 gr/gal).
^ Select the hardness of your water
supply and confirm with the center
See "Settings menu - Water
hardness" for more information.
If the display now shows
or F
Add salt
confirm. The display changes to the
main menu.
These basic settings are saved after
the first full program cycle is
The Welcome screen is no longer
displayed after the first full program
cycle is completed.
Add rinse
, press any button to



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