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Plumbing; The Miele Waterproof System; Connection To The Water Inlet - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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The Miele waterproof system

Providing the dishwasher was installed
correctly by a qualified technician, the
waterproof system will protect you from
water damage throughout the lifetime of
the machine.

Connection to the water inlet

This machine must be connected to
the water supply in accordance with
all national and local plumbing
Water in the machine is not
suitable for drinking.
– The machine must be connected to
the water supply in accordance with
local and national regulations.
– The water being used should have
drinking water quality.
A high iron content can lead to rust
at the items to be cleaned and at the
– The water pressure (flow pressure at
the water connection) must be
between 4.35 and 145 psi.
If the water pressure is lower, the
message Water intake is displayed
(see "Frequently asked questions").
If the water pressure is higher, a
pressure reducer must be installed.
– Valves with 3/4" male thread are to
be provided on site. Faucets and
drain connections should be situated
as close to the machine as possible,
and be easily accessible.
– The water inlet hose is a pressure
hose (DN 10) approx. 4' 11" (1.5 m)
long with a
extension hose is available (flexible
metal hose certified for a pressure of
2030 psi). The dirt screen and the
flow regulator in the threaded water
connection must not be removed.
To prevent damage to the
dishwasher, make sure all air has
been bled from the supply line.
The inlet hose must not be
shortened or damaged in any way
because it contains electrical wires
(see illustration).
" thread. A 1.5 m



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