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Filling The Salt Container - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Before using for the first time
Every dishwasher is tested before
leaving the factory. Any water
remaining in the machine is from the
final factory test and does not
indicate that the machine has been

Filling the salt container

To achieve good cleaning results, the
dishwasher needs soft water (water that
is low in minerals). Hard water results in
calcium deposits on dishware and in
the dishwasher.
Therefore, tap water with a hardness of
4 °d (4 gr/gal) or more must be
softened. This takes place
automatically in the integrated water
softener. The water softener requires
reactivation salt. The water softener is
suitable for a water hardness of up to
36 °d (37 gr/gal).
See "Settings - Water hardness" for
setting the water softener.
If the hardness of your water is
always below 4 °d (4 gr/gal), you do
not need any salt.
However, you must still program
your dishwasher for your water
Inadvertently filling the salt
container with dishwashing
detergent (including liquid
detergent) will damage the water
Only use water softener salt
specially formulated for
dishwashers. Other salts may
contain insoluble additives which
can impair the water softener.



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