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Miele PG 8080 U Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Operating instructions

Commercial dishwasher
PG 8080 U / PG 8080i
To avoid the risk of personal injury
or damage to the appliance,
it is essential that you read
the operating and installation instructions
before installation and use.
en - CA
M.-Nr. 09 501 330



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  Summary of Contents for Miele PG 8080 U

  • Page 1: Operating Instructions

    Operating instructions Commercial dishwasher PG 8080 U / PG 8080i en - CA To avoid the risk of personal injury or damage to the appliance, it is essential that you read the operating and installation instructions before installation and use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Guide to the manual ..........5 Guide to the commercial dishwasher .
  • Page 3 Contents Cutlery ............35 Cutlery basket.
  • Page 4 The Miele waterproof system ........
  • Page 5: Guide To The Manual

    Guide to the manual Text which is highlighted or emphasized Warnings Warnings marked with a thick framed box and a warning symbol contain safety information concerning potential injury and damage. Read the warnings carefully and follow the instructions and directions. Notes Notes contain information that is particularly important to follow and are highlighted in a thick framed box.
  • Page 6: Guide To The Commercial Dishwasher

    Guide to the commercial dishwasher Overview a Upper spray arm (not visible) g Data plate b Upper basket h Child safety feature in the door handle (not visible) c Middle spray arm i Rinse aid reservoir d Air inlet for drying j Dual-compartment detergent e Lower spray arm dispenser...
  • Page 7: Control Panel

    Guide to the commercial dishwasher Control panel a Program selection e , button (Delay start) with indicator light b Display f G button + (Extra drying) with c Start/Stop button with indicator light indicator light d 4 ü button, (additional programs) g X button for program selection with indicator light h - button (On/Off)
  • Page 8: Intended Use

    Use this commercial dishwasher only for "Dishwashing" as defined in the Operating instructions, i.e. for cleaning dishes and cutlery. Any other use, conversion or modification is not permissible and possibly hazardous. Miele will not be held liable for damage caused by inappropriate use or improper operation.
  • Page 9 Intended use This commercial dishwasher is intended for stationary indoor use. The special inserts are to be used for their specific purpose only. Individuals who are incapable of using the appliance safely because of limited physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience or knowledge must not use this appliance without supervision or instruction by a responsible person.
  • Page 10: Safety Instructions And Warnings

    Technical safety The appliance should only be put into operation, serviced or repaired by Miele Service. Miele assumes no liability for any hazards arising from improper installation, maintenance or repairs performed by unauthorized persons! Untrained personnel must not be permitted to operate the commercial dishwasher.
  • Page 11 If in doubt, have the on-site wiring checked by a qualified electrician. Miele will not be held liable for damage or injury (such as electric shock) caused by a missing or broken ground wire. Be sure to follow the installation instructions in this manual and in the installation diagram.
  • Page 12 Do NOT use the appliance if the power cord is damaged. A damaged power cord must be replaced with a special cord. For safety reasons, the cord must be installed by Miele Service. Before servicing the appliance, disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Page 13 Safety instructions and warnings Proper use This commercial dishwasher is designed only for operation with water and detergents designed for dishwashers or professional dishwashers. Organic solvents or flammable liquids must NOT be used in the appliance. There is a risk of explosion and/or damage through the destruction of rubber or plastic components resulting in leaks.
  • Page 14 Seek medical help immediately if you have inhaled or swallowed any detergent. Observe the detergent manufacturer's safety instructions. Miele does not accept any liability for the effect of chemical cleaning agents on the dishware. Observe the detergent manufacturer's directions for storage, use and dosage.
  • Page 15 Accessories Accessories may only be attached or installed if they have been expressly approved by Miele for this appliance. Adding or installing other parts will void any warranty and/or product liability claims. The manufacturer will not be held liable for damage caused by failure to comply with the safety instructions and warnings.
  • Page 16: Caring For The Environment

    Caring for the environment Disposal of the packaging Disposing of your old appliance The packaging protects the commercial dishwasher from damage during Old electric and electronic equipment shipping. They have been selected for still contains useful materials that can environmental friendliness and can be be recovered.
  • Page 17: Energy Saving Washing

    Caring for the environment ^ When using powder or liquid Energy saving washing detergent, you can reduce the This commercial dishwasher is a water amount by of the normal dosage if and energy saving appliance. the baskets are only half full. For best results follow these tips: ^ You may connect the commercial dishwasher to a hot water line.
  • Page 18: Before Using For The First Time

    Before using for the first time Opening the door Closing the door ^ Push the baskets in. ^ Push the door until it clicks shut. Keep your fingers off the door frame. You may crush your fingers. Child safety lock To prevent children from opening the commercial dishwasher door during operation, use the child safety lock to...
  • Page 19: Display Functions

    Before using for the first time Display functions General The following functions can be selected or set with the display: – the wash program – the Delay start time – the settings Settings menu The following appears in the display The Settings menu allows you to set the while a program is running: commercial dishwasher to suit your...
  • Page 20: Basic Settings

    Before using for the first time Basic settings It is useful to know your water hardness so that you can provide the service ^ Press the - button to turn the technician with this information in the commercial dishwasher on. event of any service calls.
  • Page 21: Before Using The Commercial Dishwasher For The First Time You Will Need

    – for detergent see "Operating the commercial dishwasher". For available process chemicals from Do not fill the salt reservoir with Miele contact Miele Professional. dishwashing detergent (even liquid detergent). Dishwashing detergent Every commercial dishwasher is will damage the water softener.
  • Page 22 Before using for the first time ^ Only open the door half way when Do not fill water into the salt adding salt to avoid spilling it. reservoir! ^ Press the button on the top of the salt reservoir in the direction of the arrow. ^ Only add just enough salt to fill the The cover will pop open.
  • Page 23: Refill Salt Indicator

    Before using for the first time Refill salt indicator ^ Refill the salt reservoir as soon as the Add salt message is displayed (if it appears during a program, wait until the end of the program). ^ Press the centre button to confirm. The Refill salt indicator goes out.
  • Page 24: Rinse Aid

    The rinse aid is filled into the reservoir and the set amount will be automatically dispensed. For available process chemicals from Miele contact Miele Professional. Use rinse aid only. Never fill the rinse aid reservoir with regular dishwashing detergent or cleaning agent.
  • Page 25: Rinse Aid Indicator

    Before using for the first time Rinse aid indicator Add rinse aid When the message appears, the reservoir only contains enough rinse aid for 2 - 3 wash programs. ^ Add rinse aid soon. ^ Press the centre button to confirm. The "Refill rinse aid"...
  • Page 26: Loading The Commercial Dishwasher

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Tips: – Concave items such as mugs or bowls should be placed at an angle Remove coarse food residues from the so that the water can run off. dishware. – Ensure that the spray arms are not There is no need to rinse items under blocked by items that are too tall or running water!
  • Page 27: Items Not Recommended For Dishwashing

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Items not recommended for We recommend: dishwashing: – When purchasing dishes and cutlery, make sure they are dishwasher-safe. – Wooden cutlery and dishes or items with wooden parts, as they may – Drinking glasses may become discolour and fade.
  • Page 28: Typical Load For 10 Place Settings With Cutlery Basket

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Typical load for 10 place settings with cutlery basket Upper basket Lower basket Cutlery basket...
  • Page 29: Typical Load For 13 Place Settings With Cutlery Basket

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Typical load for 13 place settings with cutlery basket Upper basket Lower basket Cutlery basket...
  • Page 30: Upper Basket

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Upper basket Foldable spikes The rows of spikes can be folded down For safety reasons use the to make more room for larger items commercial dishwasher with both such as flat pans. the upper and lower baskets inserted.
  • Page 31: Xxl Cup Rack

    Loading the commercial dishwasher XXL cup rack Glass support bar The cup rack can be set to two different The support bar will hold tall glasses widths so that it can also accommodate and stemware securely. large cups. ^ Fold the support bar down and lean the glasses against it.
  • Page 32: Adjusting The Upper Basket

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Adjusting the upper basket Depending on the setting of the upper basket, the following plate dimensions In order to gain more space for taller can be accommodated. items in the lower or upper basket, the upper basket can be adjusted to three Dishwasher with cutlery basket levels of about 2 cm height difference between each level.
  • Page 33: Lower Basket

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Lower basket ^ Place larger and heavier items such as plates, serving platters, saucepans, bowls, etc. in the lower basket. It can also be used for glasses, cups, small plates and saucers. ^ Place very large plates in the centre of the lower basket.
  • Page 34: Glass Rack

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Glass rack Foldable spikes ^ The glass rack can be folded up to The spikes at the front are used for make more room for tall items. plates, soup bowls, platters, desert bowls, and saucers. ^ Stemware, e.g. wine, champagne and beer glasses, can be leaned Both rows of spikes can be folded against the glass rack or suspended...
  • Page 35: Cutlery

    Loading the commercial dishwasher Cutlery Cutlery basket ^ Fit the holder onto the cutlery basket if required. The cutlery basket can be placed anywhere on the front rows of spikes in the lower basket. ^ To avoid risk of injury, knives and forks should be placed with the handles facing up in the basket.
  • Page 36: Operating The Commercial Dishwasher

    Do not add detergent, dispensed by a liquid detergent until you are ready to start detergent pump, contact Miele for the commercial dishwasher, and advice on how to adapt the detergent lock the door with the child safety dosage to the particular lock.
  • Page 37: Adding Detergent

    Operating the commercial dishwasher Adding detergent Detergent dosing aid Compartment I holds a maximum of 10 ml, compartment II holds a maximum of 50 ml of detergent. Compartment II has dosage markings of 20 and 30. They show the quantity in ml when the door is open horizontally.
  • Page 38: Turning The Commercial Dishwasher On

    Operating the commercial dishwasher When the indicator light next to 4 Turning the commercial lights up, you can select additional dishwasher on programs using the 4 ü button. ^ Turn on the water supply if it is off. The display alternates between the ^ Make sure the spray arms can rotate additional programs and the program name and runtime.
  • Page 39: Time Display

    Operating the commercial dishwasher Time display Standby Before the program starts, the display A few minutes after the last button is shows the runtime of the selected pressed or a few minutes after the end program in hours and minutes. The of the program, the commercial remaining runtime is displayed during dishwasher will switch into Standby...
  • Page 40: End Of Program

    Operating the commercial dishwasher End of program Turning the commercial dishwasher off The program has finished when Finished AutoOpen appears in At the end of a program: the display and the door is slightly ajar ^ Turn the commercial dishwasher off (if applicable).
  • Page 41: Interrupting A Program

    Operating the commercial dishwasher Interrupting a program Changing a program A program will be interrupted as soon If the detergent dispenser cover has as the door is opened. already opened, powder detergent When the door is closed again, the must be added for the new program program will continue from where it was unless liquid detergent is being interrupted.
  • Page 42: Additional Functions

    Additional functions Extra drying Delay start For better drying results and to reduce The start time of a program can be the amount of steam that escapes when delayed, for instance to take advantage the door is opened, the Extra drying of cheaper electricity rates at night.
  • Page 43 Additional functions ^ Press the Start/Stop button. Starting a program before Delay start has elapsed: The Start/Stop indicator light comes on. A program can be started before the If you don't press Start/Stop within a Delay start time has elapsed. Just do few seconds after you have set the the following: Delay start time, the program runtime...
  • Page 44: Cleaning And Care

    (available from and warm water. Then wipe dry with Miele Service). a soft cloth. You can also use a clean, damp Washing at low temperatures can allow microfibre cloth without detergent.
  • Page 45 Cleaning and care To avoid damage to the outer surface, do not use: – cleaning agents containing soda, ammonia, acid or chloride, – limescale removers, – abrasive cleaners such as scouring powder, scouring liquid or pumice stones, – cleaners containing solvents, –...
  • Page 46: Checking The Filters In The Wash Cabinet

    Cleaning and care Checking the filters in the Cleaning the filters wash cabinet ^ Turn the commercial dishwasher off. The filter combination in the base of the wash cabinet captures large dirt particles from the wash water. This prevents them from reaching the circulation system and re-entering the cabinet through the spray arms.
  • Page 47 Cleaning and care ^ Replace the filter combination so that The cover must be opened to clean the inside of the filter: it lies flat in the bottom of the wash cabinet. ^ Push the clips together in the direction of the arrows as shown a, ^ Lock the filter in place by turning the and open the coverb.
  • Page 48: Cleaning The Spray Arms

    Cleaning and care ^ Remove the lower basket. Cleaning the spray arms Particles of food can get stuck in the spray arm jets and bearings. The spray arms should therefore be checked regularly (approx. every 4 - 6 months). ^ Turn the dishwasher off. Remove the spray arms as follows: ^ Pull out the cutlery tray (if present).
  • Page 49: Frequently Asked Questions

    With the aid of the following guide, the cause of a problem can be found and eliminated. However, please note: Repairs must only be carried out by Miele Service. Unauthorized repairs could cause personal injury or damage to the machine.
  • Page 50 There may be a After a few seconds: technical fault. – Turn the commercial dishwasher back on. – Select the desired program. – Press the Start/Stop button. If the error message is displayed again, there is a technical fault. – Contact Miele Service.
  • Page 51: Faults In The Water Intake Or Water Drain

    Frequently asked questions Faults in the water intake or water drain Problem Possible fault Solution One of the following fault messages are displayed: 2 Open stopcock The water tap is Open the water tap all the way. closed. 2 Inlet Before fixing the fault: –...
  • Page 52 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution The following fault Before fixing the fault: – Press the - button to turn message is displayed: the commercial 2 Drain dishwasher off. Fault in the water – Clean the filter drainage. combination (see Cleaning There might be water in and care).
  • Page 53: General Problems With The Commercial Dishwasher

    Frequently asked questions General problems with the commercial dishwasher Problem Possible fault Solution Press the - button to come The indicator lights The indicators and the and the display are display turn off out of Standby mode. dark. Only the automatically to save Start/Stop indicator energy (Standby).
  • Page 54 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution The detergent dispenser Detergent residue is Remove the detergent cover will not close. blocking the latch. residue. The inside of the door This is normal! None. and/or the interior walls The moisture evaporates are wet after a program after some time.
  • Page 55: Noises

    Frequently asked questions Noises Problem Possible fault Solution There is a knocking A spray arm is hitting the Interrupt the program and noise in the wash dishware. rearrange items blocking cabinet. the spray arms. There is a rattling Dishware is moving Interrupt the program and around in the wash rearrange loose pieces.
  • Page 56: Poor Cleaning Results

    Frequently asked questions Poor cleaning results Problem Possible fault Solution The dishes are not The dishes were not loaded See Loading the commercial clean. correctly. dishwasher. The program was not suitable Select a more suitable for the requirements. program (see Program guide).
  • Page 57 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution Dishes are not dry, The rinse aid dosage is set Refill the reservoir, increase or glasses and too low or the rinse aid the dosage, or switch the cutlery are spotty. reservoir is empty. rinse aid product when refilling (see Rinse aid).
  • Page 58 Frequently asked questions Problem Possible fault Solution Glasses have a Detergent deposits. Switch to another detergent brownish-blue right away. discolouration; the deposit cannot be wiped off. Glasses are dull and The glasses are not There is no remedy. discoloured; the dishwasher-safe.
  • Page 59: Maintenance

    ^ When removing the screen, take care hose. This filter is available from Miele Ser- not to pull out or displace the flow vice. regulator behind it. ^ Replace the screen and seal. Make To clean the screen: sure they are positioned correctly.
  • Page 60: Cleaning The Drain Pump And Non-Return Valve

    Maintenance Cleaning the drain pump and non-return valve If there is water in the wash cabinet at the end of a program, the water was not pumped out properly. The drain pump or the non-return valve might be clogged. However, they are easy to clean.
  • Page 61: Optional Accessories

    Optional accessories Making better use of the commercial dishwasher Optional accessories for this commercial dishwasher are available from Miele. You want to... You need..wash the individual parts of the ... a Cappucinatore insert for the Miele Cappucinatore upper basket ...wash additional cutlery...
  • Page 62: Program Guide

    Program guide Program Application Detergent Follow the detergent manufacturer's instructions Compartment Compartment For fresh, non-sticky food residues ProSpeed 20 - 30 g For normal, slightly dried food residues Universal 20 - 30 g For burned-on, very adherent, very dry, starchy or albuminous food residues.
  • Page 63 X = part of the program (X) = additional, optional program steps Interim rinse II, must be programmed by a Miele service technician. Optional temperature increase to 75°C. No AutoOpen at the program end because of the short program runtime.
  • Page 64: Service

    – Miele Service. Program updates can only be ^ When contacting the service performed by Miele Service. department, you will need the model and serial number of your appliance. These can be found on the data plate...
  • Page 65: Electrical Connection

    – If necessary, an equalization of the potentials must be carried out. – If replacing the power cord, use only original Miele replacement parts or a suitable cord with core cable ends. – For technical data, see the data plate...
  • Page 66 Electrical connection The PG 8080 U / PG 8080i comes Power connection options equipped with a 14/3 AWG cord for connection to a standard AC 120 V, 60 Hz power outlet with a NEMA 5-15P plug. If available, the dishwasher may be connected to a 120/208-240V, 60Hz, power supply.
  • Page 67 All work on the electrical appliance is equipped with a cord connection should be carried out by having an equipment-grounding Miele Service. conductor and a grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into an ^ Unscrew the 2 screws (left and right) appropriate outlet that is properly and remove the base panel.
  • Page 68: Plumbing

    Plumbing The Miele waterproof system – The commercial dishwasher is equipped with a safety system for the Providing the dishwasher was installed protection of drinking water and may correctly by a qualified technician, the be connected to the water supply...
  • Page 69 Plumbing To prevent damage to the commercial dishwasher, make sure all air has been bled from the supply line. The inlet hose must not be shortened or damaged in any way because it contains electrical wires (see illustration).
  • Page 70: Water Drainage

    Plumbing Water drainage Venting the drainage system – The drain is equipped with a The drain must be vented if the non-return valve which prevents connection to the building' s drainage waste water from flowing back into system is lower than the roller guides the commercial dishwasher through for the lower basket in the door.
  • Page 71: Technical Details

    Technical details Model PG 8080 U / PG 8080i Commercial dishwasher Height 81.5 cm (adjustable +6.5 cm) Installation height min. 81.5 cm (+6.5 cm) Width 59.8 cm Installation width 60 cm Depth PG 8080 U: 60 cm PG 8080i: 57 cm...
  • Page 72: Settings Menu

    Settings menu Settings menu for changing Language standard settings The display can be set to different languages. Opening the Settings menu The displayed language can be ^ If the commercial dishwasher is on, Language changed in the submenu. press the - button to turn it off. ^ Select the desired language and ^ Press and hold the Start/Stop button.
  • Page 73: Water Hardness

    Settings menu Water hardness Value to Your commercial dishwasher comes gr/gal mmol/l °ppm with with a water softener. CaCO3 in the display You must set the system to the water hardness level of your water supply. – The commercial dishwasher must be programmed to exactly match the hardness of your water.
  • Page 74: Rinse Aid

    Settings menu Rinse aid AutoOpen For best results the rinse aid dosage To improve drying, the door can be adjusted. automatically opens a little at the end of The dosage can be set between 0-6 ml. a program, except for Rinse & Hold, The factory setting is 3 ml of rinse aid.
  • Page 75: Optimizing Standby

    Settings menu Optimizing Standby A few minutes after the last button is pressed or a few minutes after the end of the program the commercial dishwasher will switch to Standby mode to save energy. The display and the indicator lights are switched off and only the Start/Stop indicator light flashes slowly.
  • Page 76: Refill Messages

    The setting will remain active until ^ Select the desired brightness and you deactivate External dos. press the centre button to confirm. Contrast Contact Miele Professional for There are seven different contrast external liquid dispensing options. levels for the display. The dispensed dosage may only altered by Miele Service.
  • Page 77: Detergent Dosage

    Set the dosage according to the External dos. is activated. detergent manufacturer's recommendations. The detergent dosage can be set in millilitres or percent. Contact Miele The commercial dishwasher uses Professional for the setting. approx. 6.5 l of water for the main wash cycle.
  • Page 78: Venting The Dos. System

    Settings menu Venting the Dos. system High temp rinse The Dos. system will not dispense For better drying, the rinse temperature reliably if there is air in the system. can be increased. This function is not available for all programs (see Program The Dos.
  • Page 79: Showroom Program

    Settings menu Showroom program Select last program You can chose whether to preset the Demo mode for showrooms only! Normal program or the last selected program when the commercial The commercial dishwasher is dishwasher is switched on. equipped with various demo programs. ^ Select the desired setting and press Demo with sound –...
  • Page 80: Noise Measurement

    Noise measurement General requirements for measuring noise The dishwasher must be loaded with 16 place settings and the Normal program must be used. Installation requirements for measuring noise The dishwasher must be installed as follows:. ^ Install the dishwasher into an appropriate housing unit. ^ Secure the front panel.
  • Page 81 Noise measurement ^ Push the insulation mat supplied (depending on model) under the plinth until it is up against the appliance feet a. ^ Attach the toe-kick so that it is flush with the door front b.
  • Page 84 Subject to change without notice / Publication date 2013-06-12 M.-Nr. 09 501 330 / 01...

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