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Save These Instructions - Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual

Commercial dishwasher
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Avoid inhaling detergent. If
swallowed, it can cause burning in the
mouth and throat or inhibit breathing.
Observe the detergent
manufacturer's directions for storage,
use and dosage of cleaning agents.
Never clean the machine or near its
vicinity with a water or high pressure
Be aware of the potential for injury
when utensils with sharp, pointed ends
are placed upright. Position them so
they cannot cause injury.
Remove all large food and liquid
residues from the tableware before
Always supervise any children in the
vicinity of the appliance. Never allow
children to play with the appliance.
Among other hazards, children run the
risk of locking themselves in the
Do not allow children to play in or
around the dishwasher, or to operate it.
Keep detergents away from
children! If detergents are ingested,
they can cause chemical burns in the
mouth and throat, or even suffocation.
Therefore, keep children away from the
dishwasher when open. There may still
be detergent residues in the appliance.
Seek medical help immediately if a
child has ingested any detergent.
Only specific additional equipment,
made by Miele or approved by Miele,
should be used with this machine.
Consult Miele on the type and
application of such equipment.
Disposal of the old machine
When disposing of your old
dishwasher first make it unusable.
Disconnect it from the mains power
supply, cut off the cable and plug from
the cable.
For environmental and safety
reasons ensure the machine is
completely drained of any residual
water and detergent. (Observe safety
regulations and wear safety goggles
and gloves).
Remove the door to the washing
compartment, so that children cannot
accidentally shut themselves in. Make
appropriate arrangements for the safe
and environmentally responsible
disposal of the machine.
For tank system machines ensure that
all water is emptied out the tank.



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