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Miele ProfiLine PG 8083 Operating Instructions Manual page 8

Commercial dishwasher
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Be sure to follow the installation
instructions in this manual and in the
installation diagram.
Before connecting the appliance,
ensure that the connection data on the
data plate (voltage, frequency and fuse
rating) match the building's electrical
WARNING - Fire hazard! Do not
cover or crush the plug of the
appliance. Ensure that the cabinet
opening for the dishwasher provides
ample space for the plug and cord.
Installing the dishwasher in a tight
space may crimp the power cord or put
pressure on the plug which could
cause overheating.
Do not use an extension cord to
connect this machine to electricity.
Extension cords do not guarantee the
required safety of the machine (e.g.
danger of overheating).
If the power cord is damaged it
must only be replaced by a qualified
Service technician with a genuine Miele
power cord.
Do not install this dishwasher
beneath a cooking surface, oven or any
appliance that radiates heat. High
temperatures from these units may
damage the dishwasher
Do not open the appliance housing.
Any interference with connections
carrying voltage or changes in the
electrical or mechanical set up, will
endanger you and may impair the
functioning of the appliance.
Before servicing the appliance,
disconnect it from the power supply.
The plastic housing of the water
connection contains an electric valve.
The housing must not be immersed in
The intake hose contains electrical
wires. Therefore, do not shorten the
The built-in waterproof system offers
reliable protection against water
damage if the following conditions are
– proper installation,
– repair the appliance or replace parts
when damaged,
– close the water supply during longer
absences (e.g. vacation).
The waterproof system also works
when the commercial dishwasher is
turned off. But it must not be
disconnected from the power supply.



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