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HP P3410A - NetRAID 1M RAID Controller Installation And Configuration Manual: Select Adapter To Configure; Clear Configuration

Hp netraid 1m/2m installation & configuration.
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Chapter 5
Physical Devices box: The Physical Devices box contains either one
channel box (for an HP NetRAID-1M adapter), or two channel boxes (for
an HP NetRAID-2M) adapter, which show the physical drives on the
SCSI channels of the current adapter. The number in parentheses to the
right of each physical drive icon is its SCSI ID (Target) on the channel.
The state of each physical drive appears to the right of the SCSI ID or
array designation. The possible states of a physical drive are as follows:
Onln: The physical drive is online, functioning normally, and part of
a configured logical drive.
Ready: The physical drive is functioning normally, but is not part of a
configured logical drive, nor configured as a hot spare.
HotSp: The physical drive is configured as a hot spare, and is
powered up and ready for use as a spare in case an online drive fails.
Failed: The physical drive failed and is out of service.
Rebuilding: The physical drive is involved in a rebuild process to
recover data that was on a failed drive.
Not Responding: The physical drive is not present, not powered-on,
or has failed.
Logical Devices box: The Logical Devices box shows the current adapter
and its global hot spare pool. When arrays, logical drives, and hot spares
have been defined, they are displayed here. Clicking on Logical View or
Physical View switches between showing logical drives and physical
drives. Clicking on the + sign in the yellow diamond expands the view if
it is collapsed (physical or logical drives or hot spares are hidden).
Status line: The status line at the bottom of the window shows the
progress of the scan required to build the displays on the HP NetRAID
Assistant window. It also suggests possible actions.

Select Adapter to Configure

Look in the Adapter box to see if the adapter you wish to configure is displayed.
If not, select it from the pull-down list.

Clear Configuration

You should clear the configuration of the adapter to prepare it for the new
Installation and Configuration



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