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HP 1606 Hardware Reference Manual: Port Side Led Activity For The Encryption San Switch; Encryption San Switch And Fru Leds

Hp storageworks 8-gb san switch hardware reference guide (5697-0291, july 2010).
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Port side LED activity for the Encryption SAN Switch

Table 10
describes LEDs and recommended actions.
Table 10 Encryption SAN Switch and FRU LEDs
LED name
System status
Power status
Ethernet link
Ethernet activity
Port status
Managing the 8-Gb SAN Switches
LED color
Status of hardware
No light
System is on and functioning
Steady amber for
Indicates one of the following:
more than 5 seconds
Fan FRU or power supply
FRU is faulty.
Boot has failed.
System is faulty.
This LED displays steady
amber during POST, which is
normal and does not indicate
a fault.
No light
System is off or there is an intern-
al power supply failure.
Steady green
System is on and power supplies
are functioning properly.
No light
There is no link.
Steady green
There is a link.
Flashing green
There is link activity (traffic).
No light
No link activity
No light
Indicates one of the following:
No signal or light carrier
(media or cable) is detected.
The switch is initializing.
A connected device is con-
figured in an offline state.
Steady green
Port is online (connected to ex-
ternal device), but there is no
Recommended action
No action required.
Do the following:
Verify that the fan FRU and
power supply FRU are seated
Replace the fan FRU or power
supply FRU.
Connect a serial cable to the
Reboot the system.
Check the failure indicated on
the system console.
Contact your service provider.
Verify that the system is powered
on (power supply switches to 1),
the power cables are attached,
and the power source is live.
If the system power LED is not
green, the unit may be faulty.
Contact your service provider.
No action required.
Verify that the Ethernet cable is
connected properly.
No action required.
No action required.
No action required.
Do the following:
Verify the power LED is on;
check the SFP and cable.
Verify the switch is initializing.
Verify the status of the connec-
ted device.
No action required.


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