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HP 1606 Hardware Reference Manual: Setting The Switch Ip Address; Dhcp; Setting A Static Ip Address

Hp storageworks 8-gb san switch hardware reference guide (5697-0291, july 2010).
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Close any serial communication programs running on the workstation.
Open a terminal emulator application (such as HyperTerminal on a PC or TERM in a UNIX
environment) and configure the application as follows:
• In a Windows 95, 98, 2000, or NT environment:
• Bits per second 9600
• Data bits 8
• Parity None
• Stop bits 1
• Flow control None
• In a UNIX environment, enter the following at the prompt:
tip/dev/ttyb –9600
If ttyb is already in use, use ttya instead and enter the following string at the prompt:
tip /dev/ttya -9600

Setting the switch IP address

You can configure the 8-Gb SAN Switch with a static IP address, or you can use a DHCP server to
set the IP address. DHCP is enabled by default. The 8-Gb SAN Switch supports both IPv4 and IPv6.


When using DHCP, the 8-Gb SAN Switch obtains an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway
address from the DHCP server. The DHCP client can only connect to a DHCP server that is on the
same subnet as the switch. If your DHCP server is not on the same subnet as the 8-Gb SAN Switch,
use a static IP address.

Setting a static IP address

Log in to the switch using the default password, (password).
Enter ipaddrset to set the Ethernet IP address.
If you are going to use an IPv4 IP address, enter the IP address in dotted decimal notation as
Ethernet IP Address: []
If you are going to use an IPv6 address, enter the network information in colon-separated notation
as prompted:
switch:admin> ipaddrset -ipv6 --add 1080::8:800:200C:417A/64
IP address is being changed...Done.
Enter the IP addressing information, as prompted.
Ethernet Subnetmask: []
Ethernet IP Address: []
Ethernet Subnetmask: []
Enter off to disable DHCP when prompted.
DHCP [OFF]: off
Installing and configuring an 8-Gb SAN Switch


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