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Getting Started; Cleaning And Maintenance - Philips 6914830PU User Manual

Led floor lamp
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Instruction for Use
Thank you for buying Philips LivingColors floor lamp!
LivingColors has been especially designed to create your own ambiance
at home, through colour and light.
Using LivingColors for the first time, please read these instructions
carefully and save them for future reference. By following our guidelines,
you will enjoy the full functionality of Philips LivingColors.
-Carefully remove the parts from the packaging.
-Check whether all parts are available.

Getting started:

1.Insert the pole into the foot, and then turn the pole clockwise until
you cannot turn it anymore (drawing 1).
2.Insert the connection plug into the opening under the foot of the
lamp (drawing 2) and plug its other end into the wall socket.
3.Insert the connection plug on top of the stand into the lamp –
make sure you hear a click (drawing 3).
4.Position the lamp on the stand and direct LivingColors towards the
wall (the optimal distance is 50 cm) –drawing 4. LivingColors will
show a short introduction of the colour possibilities. You can adjust
the height of the luminaire by turning the ring in the middle of the
stand, pulling the top part of the stand to the desired height, then
turning the ring back to fix the position (drawing 5).
5.Open the battery compartment of the remote control by
sliding the button at the back. Insert 3 AAA batteries (+ and – as
indicated) (drawing a).
6.Switch on LivingColors by briefly pressing the "I" (on) on the on/
off button placed on the remote control (drawing c).
7.Create your own ambiance by:
-Touching the desired colour on the colour wheel. You can move your
finger over the colour wheel to refine the colour (drawing d)
-Changing the colour saturation (adding more white to the current
colour). Press on ( ) for a deep colour or on ( ) for a more pastel
colour (drawing a). Ultimately you will reach the white colour.
-Dimming. Increase (
) or decrease ( ) the light intensity via the
dimming buttons (drawing f).
8.Switch off LivingColors by pressing the "0" (off) button briefly.
LivingColors will remember your last colour setting for your next
usage (drawing c).
Do more with LivingColors:
1.Automatic colour-changing mode
Sweep your finger around the colour wheel (one full circle) and
briefly press on "I" ("On"); LivingColors will then turn into the
automatic colour-changing mode: the lamp will start changing
colours automatically.
You can adjust the speed with which colours change. Speed can
be adjusted clockwise, from fast (dark blue colour on the colour
wheel) to slow (purple) (drawing g). You can tap anywhere on the
colour wheel. While in the automatic colour changing mode, you
can also adjust the saturation and brightness of the colours.
To switch back to static colour mode, sweep around the
colour wheel again, then press "0". Alternatively, you can switch
LivingColors off "0" and on "I" again. (drawing c)
2.Linking LivingColors lamps
1. You can operate multiple LivingColors with one remote control.
The LivingColors lamps will then project the same colour (or will
change colours simultaneously). In order to link several LivingColors
to one remote control, bring the remote close to
the Philips logo on the top of the lamp and press on "I" ("On").
LivingColors will flash 3 times, and then quickly flash green. You can
release the button now. The linked lamps will turn to the last setting
of the remote control.
- Repeat this operation for each LivingColors lamp that you want to
link with the others.
- To use the LivingColors separately again, link it to another remote
control in the same way as described above.
2. It is also possible to control one LivingColors lamp with several
remote controls. In order to do so, first reset one of the remotes
by pressing and holding the "0" and the ( ) buttons simultaneously
for 5 seconds. Then hold two remote controls close to each other
and press the "I" button on both for 7 seconds. You can now link
the new remote control to the LivingColors in the same way as
described above.
- LivingColors that are linked to two (or more) remote controls can
be controlled by either remote control.
- To unlink a remote control from a LivingColors, hold the remote
control close to the LivingColors and press "0" for three seconds.
The LivingColors will flash 3 times. Hold the "0" button a little
longer and it will slowly fade to off. The remote control and the
LivingColors are now unlinked.
3.Compatibility with timers
You can use LivingColors with a timer (not included). When
switched on with a timer, the LivingColors will show your last
setting (static colour or automatic colour-changing mode)

Cleaning and maintenance:

Remove the plug from the wall socket.
To avoid scratching, the LivingColors lamp, remote control and
adapter should only be cleaned with a soft dry cloth.
Do not use cleaning agents.


Table of Contents

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