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Safety Instructions - Philips 6914830PU User Manual

Led floor lamp
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Table of Contents
LivingColors is not providing light
LivingColors does not respond to
the remote control
I cannot link multiple LivingColors
I cannot start the automatic colour
changing mode
LivingColors is still not working to
the correct standards

Safety instructions:

Keep the plug and LivingColors away from liquids and humidity.
- LivingColors is for indoor use only. Do not use in wet locations, e.g.
bathrooms or outdoors.
- LivingColors is not a toy designed to be played with by children.
- Do not place on hot surfaces
- For safety reasons and under the terms of the warranty, the
LivingColors and plug must not be opened.
- Only use the adapter supplied: using a different adapter can damage
your LivingColors.
If you need to discard the appliance, dispose of it in accordance with
instructions from the local authority. Remove the batteries when you
discard the remote control. Do not throw the batteries away with
normal household waste. They must be handed in at an official collection
point or at a Philips Dealer, both of which will dispose of the batteries in
an environmentally friendly way.
Possible cause
The lamp is not plugged in
Remote control is not working
Remote control is not working
Remote control is not linked to
the lamp
Heavy traffic on a wireless data
network (e.g. wireless router)
"I" button wasn't pressed long
The LivingColors lamps belong to
different versions
The sweep movement was not
Other problem
Check the connections of the cord to the lamp
Check that the plug is correctly placed in the wall socket
See the following section
Check the batteries in the remote control. The batteries should
be correctly placed (+ and -) and should be charged. If the
remote control is still not working, try replacing the batteries.
Link the remote to the LivingColors lamp by following the
procedure under "2. Linking LivingColors lamps"
Move LivingColors away from the wireless access point
Make sure that all LivingColors connected to this remote are
on; otherwise they will not respond after this action.
Press simultaneously on "0" and ( ) for at least 5 seconds
to switch to another channel (all LivingColors will flash green
to confirm). You can repeat this procedure up to 3 times,
preferably from another position.
Redo the procedure under "2. Linking LivingColors lamps". If
it was linked successfully, the lamp will give 1 green flash; if the
linking was unsuccessful it will revert to its previous settings
immediately without flashing green.
Check if the lamps you cannot link both have a "G2" sign on the
back of the remote control and at the bottom of the lamp itself.
If one of the lamps does not have it, it cannot be linked with
another lamp that does (but it can still be linked with other
lamps that do not have the G2 sign).
If the colour changes to another (static) colour, but no colour
loop starts, then your sweep movement was not correct; please
try again
Contact the Philips Lighting Contact centre (see Warranty and
Plug specification:
AC adapter
EADP-15YB C(EU type)
EADP-15YB D (UK type + Singapore)
EADP-10EB E (Australia type)
220 - 240 V – 0.3A
18.5 V 0.83 A
Power consumption of the luminaire: up to 15.4 W
Remote Control:
Powerlife Alkaline AAA LR03, 1.5 V.
Wireless specification:
Wireless RF mode frequency band:
Wireless communications protocol:
Operating channels:
15, 20 or 25
Environmental specification:
Temperature (operation):
Temperature (Storage):
Relative humidity:
50 Hz
3 x Philips
2405–2475 MHz
IEEE 802.15.4)
channels 11,
0...40 °C
-25...60 °C
5...95 % non condensing


Table of Contents

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