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Alarm Clock; Calculator; Stopwatch; Count-Down Timer - Haier A7+ User Manual

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3.8.2 Alarm clock

With 24-hour alarming function .Total with 3 groups alarm clock and your can set them
separately. In this menu you can choose one group alarm clock and input alarming time and select
the repeating way, press "TURN ON" to start the clock.. Below mentioned four repeating ways
you can choose:
● Start the alarm clock on the settled time of certain day
● Start the alarm clock on the settled time everyday
● Start the alarm clock on the settled time in the work day ( From Monday to Friday)
● Start the alarm clock on the settled time From Monday to Saturday except for Sunday.
Press "up" and "down " to choose the repeating way column and press "right" &"left" to
choose repeating way. In addition you can choose clock bell ring by "RIGHT"&"LEFT".

3.8.3 Calculator

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be done in the calculator. You can
input figure to do the calculation, press"#" to input decimal. after inputting the first figure you
press [Up] /[Down]/[Left]/[Right] to act "×"、"/"、"+"、"-".Also you can press
[*] to select four types operation character, the first press is "+", the second is "-", the third is
"*"and the fourth is "/ ". By pressing fig menu or [#] to input the second operation figure and
you can get the result by pressing "OK". ]
Pressing [SKL] you can do the option including: clear, MC, MR, MS M+, details is as below:
CLEAR: Clear all the contexts and start a new calculation.
MEMORY CLEAR, clear the figure in the memorizer.
MEMORY STORE store the figures into the memorizer
Exit: Exit from the calculator
Only less than 10 bits can be put into the edit window.

3.8.4 Stopwatch

The original time is 00:00:0 shown on the screen; press "START" to do the
timing .LEFT/RIGHT will be the PAUSE/CLEAR. Press "pause" to pause the timing. And keep
the value .By pressing "CONTIUE" or "ok" to go on time again and pressing "CLEAR" will
come back to 00:00:0.

3.8.5 Count-down timer

The function is very similar with alarm clock, the small difference is setting how long to
remain for reminding you.
ATTENTION: The timer can turn on automatically reminding you.
read the figure in the memorizer
calculates all the figures of the memorizer and stores them.



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