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Sony MKS-8010A Installation Manual

Center control panel pack.
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2nd Edition (Revised 2)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 CENTER CONTROL PANEL PACK CCP-8000 MKS-8010A HK-PSU02 MKS-8011A MKS-8013A MKS-8014A MKS-8015A MKS-8017A MKS-8018A MKS-8019A MKS-8020A MKS-8021A MKS-8021ASC MKS-8022A MKS-8022ASC MKS-8023A MKS-8023AB MKS-8024A MKS-8025MS MKS-8026A MKS-8027A MKS-8028A MKS-8030A MKS-8031AJS MKS-8031ATB MKS-8032A MKS-8033A MKS-8034ADK MKS-8034AFB MKS-8035A MKS-8036A MKS-8040 MKS-8041 MKS-8042 MKS-8075A MKS-8076...
  • Page 2 électrique, d’incendie ou de blessure n’effectuer que les réparations indiquées dans le mode d’emploi à moins d’être qualifié pour en effectuer d’autres. Pour toute réparation faire appel à une personne compétente uniquement. MKS-8010A Serial No. 10001 and Higher MKS-8030A Serial No.
  • Page 3 Voor het verwijderen van de batterij kunt u contact When this product is installed in a rack and is opnemen met uw Sony onderhoudsdienst. supplied power from an outlet on the rack, please make sure that the rack does not overload the supply circuit.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Manual Structure 3. Service Overview 3-1. Troubleshooting .............. 3-1 Purpose of this manual ..............3 3-1-1. MKS-8010A ............3-1 Related manuals ................3 3-1-2. MKS-8011A ............3-1 Contents ..................3 3-1-3. Main Panel/AUX Panel ......... 3-2 3-2.
  • Page 7: Manual Structure

    This manual describes the application and operation of CCP-8000..Maintenance Manual (Available on request) This manual describes the detailed service information. If this manual is required, please contact your local Sony Sales Office/Service Center. Contents This manual is organized by following section.
  • Page 9: Installation

    Connector/Plug conforming to the proper ratings (Volt- age, Ampere). Ventilation The inside of the MKS-8010A is cooled by a fan (side on If you have questions on the use of the above Power Cord/ the rear). Appliance Connector/Plug, please contact your local Sony The power supply can be damaged if the exhaust vent (side Sales Office/Service Center.
  • Page 10: Installation Space

    1-3. Installation Space 1-3-1. External Dimensions System control unit MKS-8010A 43.6 63.1 Unit : mm CCP-8000 IM...
  • Page 11 Main panel/AUX panel/Menu panel MKS-8011A Unit : mm CCP-8000 IM...
  • Page 12 Menu panel MKS-8011A detailed dimensions 6-M3 Unit : mm CCP-8000 IM...
  • Page 13 Extension adaptor MKS-8075A/Memory card/USB adaptor MKS-8076 BANK BANK BANK BANK DSK1 DSK2 UNDO WIPE K-SS K-SS DSK3 DSK4 SHIFT STORE DSK3 DSK1 DSK2 DSK4 TAKE TAKE TAKE TAKE Unit : mm CCP-8000 IM...
  • Page 14: Main Panel/aux Panel Configuration List

    1-3-2. Main Panel/AUX Panel Configuration List NARROW MEDIUM 32XPT 24XPT 16XPT 32XPT 24XPT 16XPT 432NF ASSY 424NF ASSY 416NF ASSY 432MF ASSY 424MF ASSY 416MF ASSY 1369.7 1223 1071 1217.7 1065.7 SEPARATE FULL 432NO ASSY 424NO ASSY 416NO ASSY 432MO ASSY 424MO ASSY 416MO ASSY SEPARATE...
  • Page 15 STANDARD WIDE 32XPT 24XPT 16XPT 32XPT 24XPT 16XPT 432TF ASSY 424TF ASSY 416TF ASSY 432WF ASSY 424WF ASSY 416WF ASSY 1516.3 1139 1443 1291 1364.3 1212.3 432TO ASSY 424TO ASSY 416TO ASSY 432WO ASSY 424WO ASSY 416WO ASSY 1443 1291 1139 1516.3 1364.3...
  • Page 16: Installation Space

    1-3-3. Installation Space . When the main panel or the AUX panel are recessed into a control console or similar, make holes as shown below into the control console with the following dimensions. . Be sure to have an open space behind the cables of the connectors on the main panel, shown as the open space at “A”...
  • Page 17 X2±0.5 Open space at “A” 12-Ø5 hole with depth of 3 or more 6-M4 11.5 (Recommendation) <Main panel x 3 lines> TYPE . 3ME with AUX bus 1205 32XPT separate type 1053 24XPT NARROW . 2ME 16XPT 1351.7 32XPT 1199.7 MEDIUM 24XPT 1047.7...
  • Page 18 Main panel/AUX panel detailed dimensions The dimensions B1, B2, B3, C1, and C2 shown in the illustrations vary depending on the product dimen- sions, the product dimensions on the installation surface, and the maximum external dimensions during installation. Determine the above five dimensions so that the appropriate clearance can be obtained between the panel and the console.
  • Page 19 Extension adaptor MKS-8075A/Memory card/USB adaptor MKS-8076 detailed dimensions 78.5 78.5 22.6 M3 (Remove these screws in the case of the vertical connection C) Ø5.5 hole X2±0.5 9x10 long hole 220 (Outside dimensions of case) 21.5 21.5 16.6 245±0.5 263±0.6 Panel side Panel side <Vertical connection A, B>...
  • Page 20: Installing The Main Panel

    1-4. Installing the Main Panel 3. Two persons should hold the main panel while a third person positions into the control console. 4. Fix the main panel to the control console with the When installing the main panel into the control console, be screws.
  • Page 21: Installing The Aux Panel

    . Screws (B5 x 8) : 4 pcs . Washer for M5 : 4 pcs (Sony part No. : 7-688-005-11) 1. Remove the panel covers (L) and (R). 2. Two persons or more should hold the AUX panel and install it into the control console.
  • Page 22: Installing Menu Panel

    1-6. Installing Menu Panel Installation The menu panel MKS-8011A can be installed to the monitor arm compliant with VESA Standard using the Connect the attached 50-pin cable to the menu panel, and adapter supplied with CCP-8000. See the dimensions for then perform the following steps.
  • Page 23: Rack Mounting

    Unit MKS-8010A The MKS-8010A installs in a 19-inch standard rack. Tighten the screws to the following torque. To mount the MKS-8010A in a rack, use the specified rack Tightening torque : 120 x 10 N.m (12.2 mount kit and follow the procedure described below.
  • Page 24 B 5 x 12 Adaptor B4 x 10 31.75 MKS-8010A : 1U Unit : mm 4. Tighten the screws (B4 x 6 : two screws each on the B 5 x 12 right and left) for adjusting the length of the adaptor completely (the screws that were loosened in step2).
  • Page 25: Rack Mounting The Mks-8075a

    MKS-8075A/MKS-8076”. Tools required . Screws (B5 x 8) . Washers for M5 (Sony part No.: 7-688-005-11) When 2 adaptors are connected : Each 4 pcs When 4 adaptors are connected : Each 8 pcs When 6 adaptors are connected : Each 12 pcs When 8 adaptors are connected : Each 16 pcs 1.
  • Page 26: Matching Connectors And Cables

    Matching connector and cable Name Sony part No. MKS-8010A EXT PANEL1 to 3 D-sub 50-pin, Female Use the dedicated cable MENU PANEL specified by Sony Corp. MAIN PANEL D-sub 25-pin, Female D-sub 25-pin, Male Connector 25-pin, Male 1-566-356-11 Junction Shell 25-pin 1-563-377-11...
  • Page 27: Input/output Signals Of Connectors

    1-9. Input/Output Signals of Connectors Pin No. Signal Name Function GPI OUT 6 General-purpose open collector Input and output signals of the connectors on the rear panel output (B) (*2) GPI OUT 8 are as follows. GPI OUT COM Ground for open collector output CTRL/DATA/PERIPH : 100BASE-TX, RJ-45 (8-pin) Ground GPI IN 1...
  • Page 28 EDITOR PANEL DEVICE : USB Type A (*3) <CONTROLLER> Pin No. Signal Name Function . RS-422A : (D-Sub 15-pin, Female) VBUS USB Vcc USB_ USB+ Ground EXT VIEW EXT DISPLAY : (High-density D-sub 15-pin, analog Pin No. Signal Name Function RGB, Female) to External Display Ground Received data (_)
  • Page 29: Checks On Completion Of Installation

    1-10. Checks on Completion of Installation 1-10-1. Description of On-board Switches and LEDs The number shown in the parentheses ( ) indicated the address on the circuit board. FP-141 board (MKS-8010A) D107 D106 D105 D104 D115 D114 D113 D112 D123 D122...
  • Page 30 D131 (D-1) : USER <Switch> Used only for production in the assembly factory. S100 (B-1) : MAIN RESET switch Reset switch for the entire this unit. D132 to D147 (B-2) : MAIN CPU status LED Main CPU module status indication. S101 (B-1) : C0-RESET switch Displays the initialization steps of the main CPU at power- Independent reset switch for the CTRL LAN control IC.
  • Page 31: System Connection

    However, a single Ethernet switch can be used for connecting each LAN. For information about Ethernet switches that can be used in an MVS system, contact your local Sony Sales Office/Service Center. For detailed information about setting up the Ethernet switch, refer to the documentation supplied with the switch.
  • Page 32: Connecting The Center Control Panel

    (*1) : There are three methods as described below to install the Memory Card/USB module MKS-8025MS. . In order to install the MKS-8025MS into the main panel, connect the DEVICE terminal of the MKS-8010A to the HOST terminal of the main panel.
  • Page 33: Installing The Options

    Opening/Closing in accordance with the system configuration for use. The following options are available for the CCP-8000. 1. Turn off the main power of the MKS-8010A and disconnect the AC power cord from the outlet. Model name 2. Loosen the tow screws (with drop-safe) and remove...
  • Page 34: Installing The Hk-psu02

    Be sure to turn off the POWER switch before starting to install modules. Installation 1. Turn off the main power of the MKS-8010A and 1. Installation to the main panel disconnect the AC power cord from the outlet. Applicable modules 2.
  • Page 35 Installation 4. Connect the harness coming from the inside of the main panel to the connector of the MKS-8025MS. 1. Remove the module covers on both sides of the 5. Install the MKS-8025MS and fix the four screws on operation module that you want to remove or of the both sides.
  • Page 36 *2 : Install the MKS-8042 in the following steps. 2. Installation to the AUX Panel 4. Install the MKS-8042 to the position where the opera- Applicable Modules tion module or the blank panel is removed in step 3. Refer to subsection “Applicable modules” of “1. Installa- Fix the left side with the supplied two screws (P3 x 6), tion to the main panel”.
  • Page 37 3. Installation to the MKS-8075A (Extension *1 : Installation of the MKS-8031ATB requires installa- adaptor) tion of the track ball after the module is installed in steps 1 to 5. Applicable modules Install the track ball by following the procedure .
  • Page 38 4. Installation of the MKS-8025MS to the MKS- 5. Install the operation module to the left-most side of the MKS-8075A, and fix it with the four screws (with 8076 (Memory Card/USB Adapter) drop-safe) on both sides. 6. Install the module covers. Applicable module .
  • Page 39 8. Install the module covers. . The number of the MKS-8025MS that can be connected to the MKS-8010A is only one unit. . When you want to joint it, install MKS-8025MS at the top end. (Refer to Fig. 1 (on page 2-8.))
  • Page 40: Connecting The Mks-8075a/mks-8076

    2-4. Connecting the MKS-8075A/MKS- 2-4-1. How to Connect the MKS-8075A and the MKS-8076 8076 Structure of MKS-8075A (Connecting the extension . A maximum of eight extension adaptors can be connected adaptor) either horizontally, or vertically. Adaptor case : (Up to two extension adaptors can be connected horizon- Screw (BV3 x 10) : tally.) Connecting plate A :...
  • Page 41 When the Vertical connection is selected Connecting procedure (1) Connect the adaptor cases together. 1. Remove the module cover. Remove the screws (BV3 (Be careful of the direction of the adaptor cases. See the x 10) fixing the caps (L) and (R), and remove the caps instruction given on the bottom of the adaptor case.) in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 42 (3) Fix the bottom plate of the adaptor cases at the loca- 7. For connection methods (A) and (B) (refer to Fig. 2 tions shown in the illustration using the 4 connecting (on page 2-11).), install the caps (L) and (R), and the screws (BV3 x 10) and 2 of the connecting plates C module cover in the direction of the arrow.
  • Page 43 Fig. 2 : Side panel installation methods FRONT FRONT Left side Connecting plate A FRONT FRONT Right side : Connecting plate screw fixing position : Side plate screw fixing position Connection method (A) FRONT FRONT Left side Connecting plate A FRONT FRONT Right side...
  • Page 44: How To Connect The Cables

    Connecting cables for the MKS-8076 Connect the DEVICE connector of the system control unit MKS-8010A to the HOST of the MKS-8076 using the USB cable supplied with the center control panel. 50-pin cable supplied with...
  • Page 45: Service Overview

    (Indicator does not light green.) Flow 2 Flow 1 The main power of the Nothing is displayed on the menu MKS-8010A cannot be turned on. monitor screen. (Indicator does not light green.) Check the Flow 1 Is the POWER switch of the Is the POWER switch of the Set it to ON.
  • Page 46: Main Panel/aux Panel

    The following parts require periodic maintenance. Refer to the period indicated in the following list for maintenance. Part Location Maintenance Suggested period Side on the rear of the MKS-8010A Cleaning Once in a month Track ball MKS-8031ATB Cleaning Once in a month...
  • Page 47: Cleaning

    3-2-2. Cleaning The inside of the MKS-8010A is cooled by a fan (side on Cleaning for control panel the rear). If dust has accumulated in the intake of the fan, air is Wipe the control panel, switches, and faders with a dried cleaning cloth.
  • Page 48: About The Data Backup Capacitor

    MKS-8010A machine. Leave the main power of the MKS-8010A turned on for two hours or longer in order to charge this capacitor. The data is retained for about three days when the capacitor is fully charged under normal operating temperature and humidity.
  • Page 49 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any portion of this manual or the use thereof for any purpose other than the operation or maintenance of the equipment described in this manual without the express written permission of Sony Corporation.
  • Page 50 Printed in Japan Sony Corporation 2006. 11 16 CCP-8000 (SY) E ©2005 3-206-009-13...

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