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Sony HK-PSU02 Installation Manual

Multi format dme processor pack.
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1st Edition


Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 à moins d'être qualifié pour en effectuer d'autres. Pour toute réparation faire appel à une personne compétente uniquement. MVE-8000A Serial No. 10001 and Higher HK-PSU02 Serial No. 10001 and Higher MKE-8020A Serial No. 10001 and Higher MKE-8040A Serial No.
  • Page 3 Attention-when the product is installed in Rack: 1. Prevention against overloading of branch circuit When this product is installed in a rack and is supplied power from an outlet on the rack, please make sure that the rack does not overload the supply circuit.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Installing the Options ... 1-4 1-4-1. Installing the Plug-in Boards ... 1-4 1-4-2. Installing the Connector Board ... 1-6 1-4-3. Installing the HK-PSU02 ... 1-7 1-5. Rack Mounting ... 1-9 1-6. Matching Connectors and Cables ... 1-11 1-7. Input/Output Signals of Connectors ... 1-12 1-8.
  • Page 6: Manual Structure

    This manual describes the application and operation of MVE-8000A-C system..Maintenance Manual (Available on request) This manual describes the detailed service information. If this manual is required, please contact your local Sony Sales Office/Service Center. This manual is organized by following sections.
  • Page 7: Installation

    1-1. Operating Environment Operating guaranteed temperature : Performance guaranteed temperature : +10 dC to +35 dC Operating humidity : (relative humidity) Storage temperature : Mass (when all options are installed) : Approx. 16.5 kg Prohibited locations for installation . Areas where the unit will be exposed do direct sunlight or any other strong lights.
  • Page 8: Recommended Power Cord

    1-2-2. Recommended Power Cord This unit does not come with a power cord. To get a power cord, please contact your local Sony Sales Office/Service Center. . Use the approved Power Cord (3-core mains lead)/ Appliance Connector/Plug with earthing-contacts that conforms to the safety regulations of each country if applicable.
  • Page 9: Installation Space (external Dimensions)

    1-3. Installation Space (External dimensions) MVE-8000A MVE-8000A MULTI FORMAT DME PROCESSOR Unit : mm...
  • Page 10: Installing The Options

    MKE-8020A MVS Interface Board MKE-8040A DVP-30A board Advanced Effects Board HK-PSU02 Power Supply Unit 1-4-1. Installing the Plug-in Boards Be sure to turn off the POWER switch and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet before starting the installa- tion work.
  • Page 11 4. While the eject levers are kept open as shown in the illustration, insert the plug-in board into the board guide rails. Eject levers Name of option Name of board Slot on the front side MKE-8040A DVP-30A board 2, 3 *1 : The DVP-30A boards are assigned to the following channels in accordance with the slots to which the boards are inserted.
  • Page 12: Installing The Connector Board

    1-4-2. Installing the Connector Board The board slot Name of option Name of board MKE-8020A CN-2153 board Installation procedure Parts required (Supplied accessory of MKE-8020A) . Connecting cable . Cable holder bracket 1. Remove the two screws and remove the cover panel. Store the removed cover panel in a safe location.
  • Page 13: Installing The Hk-psu02

    B3 x 5 MVE-8000A 1-4-3. Installing the HK-PSU02 The HK-PSU02 is used after it is installed in the MVE- 8000A. Connecting cable Before installing the HK-PSU02, be sure to turn off the main power. If the HK-PSU02 is installed while the main power is turned on, it can result in electrical shock or damage to printed circuit boards.
  • Page 14 3. Push the portion of the HK-PSU02 indicated by the arrow and insert the HK-PSU02 into deep end as far as it will go. 4. Secure the HK-PSU02 with the two screws removed in step 2. HK-PSU02 PSW3 x 6 5.
  • Page 15: Rack Mounting

    1-5. Rack Mounting The MVE-8000A installs in a 19-inch standard rack. To mount the MVE-8000A in a rack, use the specified rack mount kit and follow the procedure described below. Specified rack mount kit : RMM-10 If a rack mount kit other than the specified one is used, the unit may not be correctly install in a 19-inch standard rack.
  • Page 16 3. Loosen the screws on the rear of the right and left adaptors and adjust the length of the adaptor according to the depth of the rack. (The illustration below shows the left adaptor.) Adaptor Portion of the rail B4 x 6 Maximum depth of adaptor : 750 mm Minimum depth of adaptor : 595 mm 4.
  • Page 17: Matching Connectors And Cables

    D-sub 9-pin, Male Connector 9-pin, Male Junction Shell 9-pin D-sub 25-pin, Female D-sub 25-pin, Male Connector 25-pin, Male Junction Shell 25-pin RJ-45 modular jack MDR 68-pin, Female Dedicated cable (Supplied accessory of MKE-8020A) Sony part No. 1-560-651-00 1-561-749-00 1-560-904-11 1-563-377-11 1-11...
  • Page 18: Input/output Signals Of Connectors

    1-7. Input/Output Signals of Connectors The input/output signals of the connectors at the rear panel are as follows. <CONTROLLER> indicates a controlling device. <DEVICE> indicates a controlled device. REMOTE 1-4 : RS-422A (D-sub 9-pin, Female) <DEVICE> (*1) _ EXT VIEW _ Pin No.
  • Page 19: Checks On Completion Of Installation

    1-8. Checks on Completion of Installation 1-8-1. On-board Switches Setting and LED Functions The number shown in parentheses ( ) indicates the address on the circuit board. 1. CA-54CFC board (MVE-8000A) S403 TP1301 S402 S401 D409 D410 D1303 D1002 D601 D602 D1001 D1201...
  • Page 20 D602 (A-2) : PLL LOCK status LED REF IN signal format status indication. Lit when the REF IN signal matches with the switcher format setup. D701 (A-2) : SBUS RX status LED S-BUS reception status indication. Lit while the data reception is in progress. D704 (A-2) : SBUS TX status LED S-BUS transmission status indication.
  • Page 21 S1101 (A-4) : Monitor reset switch for the COM CPU-2 Used for maintenance purpose. Pressing this switch resets the system while maintaining this unit through the COM CPU-2 control terminal pin (CN703). S1102 (A-4) : Modes setting switch for the COM CPU-2 Sets the modes of the COM CPU-2, but this switch is currently not in use.
  • Page 22 <Switch on the CPU-DK module> : COM CPU-1 : COM CPU-2 SW1 (D-5) : RESET switch Pressing this switch resets the CPU-DK module. In some machines in which the CPU-DK module is installed, the system reset may be activated. SW2 (C-5) : MODE switch Used only for production in the assembly factory.
  • Page 23 2. DVP-30A board (MKE-8040A) D504 D501 D502 D505 D503 CPU-DR D506 ND1201 Module ND1202 (CPU B) S901 S1201 D1204 D1203 D1202 D1201 D703 D702 D701 ND1101 ND1102 S801 CPU-DR D1104 S1101 D1103 Module D1102 D1101 (CPU A) D1004 D1002 D1003 D1001 <LED>...
  • Page 24 D1004 (A-7) : SYSTEM status LED Lit when configuration is complete and FPGA reset is also complete. If the LED does not light, the FPGA may be defective. D1101 (A-7) : DGB 7 A status LED Used for design purpose. D1102 (A-7) : DGB 6 A status LED Used for design purpose.
  • Page 25 3. VIF-32/IF-961 board (MVE-8000A) E501 TP801 TP805 TP804 TP803 TP802 E503 E505 VIF-32 board [VIF-32 board] <LED> D501 (E1) : + + + + + 3.3 V +3.3 V power supply status indication. Lights when the +3.3 V power is supplied. D502 (E1) : + + + + + 2.5 V +2.5 V power supply status indication.
  • Page 26 <Connector> CN1501 (C1) : ISP common connector Used for writing a program in the JTAG device with ISP in the production process. <TEST terminals> E201 (F1), E301 (E1), E401 (G2), E501 (A6), E502 (A1), E503 (D6), E504 (D3), E505 (G5), E506 (F3) : GND terminals Used as ground terminals when measuring voltages on the check terminals.
  • Page 27 D13 (G1) : DLKD status LED Lights when the DLL of the FPGA is locked. If this LED does not light, the FPGA may be defective. D14 (G1) : RCB DONE status LED Lights when the FPGA configuration is completed. D15 (G1) : SYSTEM status LED Lights when the system configuration and FPGA reset are completed.
  • Page 28: System Connection

    1-9. System Connection Connection Example of the MVS-8000/8000A System (MKE-8020A Installed) MVS-8400/8300/8200/8000/8000A-C Switcher Processor Pack DME 1B DME 1A Reference video signal Ethernet switch a) It is recommended that the CTRL and DATA LAN networks be configured by connecting separate Ethernet switches for each LAN. However, it is also possible to make connections for both LANs on a single Ethernet switch.
  • Page 29 Flow of Video Signals (MKE-8020A Installed) The figure below shows the flow of video signals in a MVS-8000/8000A system. MVE-8000A-C DME Processor Pack SWITCHER B Monitor MONITOR OUTPUT 1-8 Camera, VTR, routing PRIMARY INPUTS 1-80 switcher OUTPUTS 1-48 Monitor For the AC power cord of this unit, refer to Section “1-2-2. Recommended Power Cord”...
  • Page 31: Service Overview

    2-1. Troubleshooting The main power cannot be turned on. (Indicator does not light green.) Flow1 The main power of the MVE-8000A cannot be turned on. (Indicator does not light green.) Is the POWER switch A of the MVE-8000A turned ON? Is the power cord of the MVE-8000A connected correctly? The power supply unit is probably defective.
  • Page 32: Periodic Inspection And Maintenance

    This may have an adverse effect on performance and the life of the machine. Cleaning of the fan every month is recommended. Contact your local Sony Sales Office/Service Center for information on cleaning the fan. Fans 2-3.
  • Page 33 The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation. Sony Corporation expressly prohibits the duplication of any portion of this manual or the use thereof for any purpose other than the operation or maintenance of the equipment described in this manual without the express written permission of Sony Corporation.
  • Page 34 Printed in Japan Sony Corporation MVE-8000A-C (SY) E 2004. 7 08 B&P Company 3-855-834-01 (1) ©2004...

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