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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 85

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
RAAS does not account for operational data such as
NOTAMs that refer to areas of runway that are not available
Entry and
(e.g., due construction, snow removal, etc.). Crews should be
cognizant of any NOTAMs and other published restrictions in
The routine "On runway" message advisory is appended by
runway length remaining in either feet or metres, e.g., "On
"remaining" element of the message refers to the runway
distance remaining in the EGPWS database to the nearest 100
feet (or 100 metres for a metric option). Note that the unit
(feet or metres) is not annunciated. The unit of length used by
RAAS can be confirmed by performing an EGPWS self-test
(See "Operational Availability" section).
If caution is enabled, "Caution Short Runway, Short Runway"
is heard after the existing aural when groundspeed exceeds 40
Dissimilar references to the runway heading during the
Approaching Runway and the On Runway advisories are a cue to
a potentially unusual situation. In this example assume that the
aircraft is cleared for an intersection departure at Alpha 2 for
runway 16R. The "Approaching-one-six right" advisory is
provided as the aircraft approaches the runway at Alpha 2.
However, an inadvertent turn on to runway 34L (as opposed to
16R) implies that runway identifier for the Insufficient Runway
Length Advisory is runway "34L". If the crew correctly turns
onto runway 16R, the runway identifier for the routine On
Runway Advisory is "16R". Note that a third reference to the
"intended" runway for departure, in this example, is a clearance
for take-off from runway "16R" from ATC.
Rev H, August 2011
Smart Runway

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