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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 111

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011
parameter needs attention giving the pilot a chance to correct
the problem. When the aircraft reaches the final "gate", which
is typically 450' AFE and the problem(s) still exists, an
"Unstable Unstable" caution is issued.
The Stabilized Approach Monitor specifically has the
following four monitoring functions:
• Landing Flap Monitor – Issues "Flaps (pause) Flaps" or
"Flaps Flaps" aural if the landing flaps are not set.
• Excessive Speed Monitor – Issues "Too Fast – Too Fast"
aural if the aircraft speed becomes excessive compared to
the final approach speed (V
• Excessive Approach Angle Monitor – Issues "Too High –
Too High" aural if the aircraft approach angle to the
runway threshold becomes too steep.
• Unstable Monitor – Issues "Unstable - Unstable" aural if
the aircraft has not been stabilized at 450' AFE Gate.
The annunciations generated from all the approach monitors
except Unstable are classified as advisory level as crew
awareness is required and may require subsequent flight crew
response. The annunciation generated from the Unstable
monitor is classified as caution level as crew awareness and
subsequent flight crew response is required.
Each Stabilized Approach Monitor function is independently
enabled using the Reloadable Customer Definitions file called
the RCD. When enabled, the Stabilized Approach Monitors
operate automatically, without any action required from the
flight crew.
or V
Smart Landing

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Table of Contents

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