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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 69

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
What is
The purpose of the Honeywell RAAS is to provide the flight
crew with supplemental information of aircraft position
relative to runways during surface operations and on final
approach. In -218, RAAS is an aural-only advisory function,
and therefore, a visual display of the information is not
provided. In -230 some additional functions are available
which provide caution alerts. Visual annunciations are
available for all RAAS aurals, typically the system will be
configured so that the GPWS lamp will be illuminated for
caution alerts. RAAS provides timely aural advisory messages
to the flight crew in a significant number of scenarios that
have led to runway incursions. It should be noted that RAAS
is not intended for navigation purposes, e.g., to guide an
aircraft in or around the terminal area.
RAAS is integrated with the EGPWS. EGPWS protection and
operation is unaltered by the addition of RAAS. Note that
RAAS advisories have a lower priority than any EGPWS
terrain-related alerts, including radio altitude call-outs.
How Does
The RAAS uses aircraft inputs within the EGPWS such as
GPS position, heading, groundspeed and a runway database to
RAAS Work?
generate the aural annunciations shown in the tables below.
Note that GPS availability is a requirement for the operation
of RAAS. Aircraft position is referenced to the GPS antenna
position. RAAS does not have knowledge of taxiways,
Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) & Notice to
Airmen (NOTAM) information, other traffic, pilot intent,
ATC clearance, ground markings and signage. Crews should
be cognizant of the prevailing ATIS and any NOTAMs.
RAAS operates automatically, without any action required
from the flight crew.
Summary of Routine Advisories
Routine Advisory
Approaching Runway - On Ground
On Runway
Approaching Runway - In Air
Landing Distance Remaining
Runway End
Rev H, August 2011
Awareness of a runway being approached by the aircraft
during ground operations (e.g., "Approaching one-one").
Awareness of which runway the aircraft is lined-up with
during ground operations (e.g., "On runway three-four left").
Awareness of which runway the aircraft is tracking on final
approach (e.g., "Approaching one-six right").
Awareness of aircraft position relative to the runway end
(e.g., "One-thousand remaining").
Awareness of the position of the aircraft relative to the
runway end (e.g., "One-hundred remaining").
Smart Runway

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Table of Contents

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