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Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Takeoff Flap
Smart Runway
Crew briefing for approved landing on a taxiway should
include the expected Caution Taxiway alert and appropriate
use of inhibit control if available.
The Takeoff Flap Configuration Monitor function offers a
significant safety advancement to provide the flight crew with
awareness of improper Flap setting when the aircraft is lined-
up on a runway in advance of takeoff. With the benefit of a
"virtual" box around the EGPWS runway data, the alert is
provided well before thrust levers are advanced for runway
The Takeoff Flap Configuration Monitor uses GPS position
data and the Runway Database to provide aural and visual
annunciations that supplement flight crew awareness of flap
setting during ground operations.
The Takeoff Flap Configuration annunciation is generated
when the following conditions are met:
• Flap handle is not within the valid takeoff flap setting;
• Aircraft enters a runway;
• Aircraft heading is within ±20 degrees of the runway
The aural message consists of the phrase "Flaps Flaps". This
caution message is annunciated once each time the aircraft
enters, and is aligned with, a runway. No further calls are
provided unless the flap handle is adjusted and, after 5
seconds of settling time, the flaps are still not set within the
valid takeoff flap setting. Should the pilot adjust the flaps
after the first caution but fails to set takeoff flaps, an
additional "Flaps Flaps" message is provided. Each time a
new flap setting is made the caution will be provided if not
within the takeoff flaps range.
Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011

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