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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 70

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Table of Contents
How Does
RAAS Work?
Summary of Non-Routine Advisories/ Cautions
Non-Routine Advisory
Taxiway Take-off
Insufficient Runway Length – On
Extended Holding on Runway
Distance Remaining – Rejected
Approaching Short Runway - In
Taxiway Landing
Take-off Flap Monitor
Note that during normal operations, the crew would only be
exposed to the five routine advisories for the entire period
between push-back at the departure airport and taxi-in at the
destination airport. The five advisories alone have the
potential to address many classic runway incursion scenarios.
RAAS annunciations are heard over the same aircraft audio
systems that presently provide EGPWS audio caution and
warning alerts in the flight deck. The volume of RAAS
messages is controlled by the EGPWS and the RAAS
message volume level is based on the expected flight
operation for each message.
As mentioned above, RAAS operates automatically, without
any action required from the flight crew. The EGPWS circuit-
breaker disables all EGPWS functionality including RAAS.
The EGPWS Self-Test push-button (if available) allows the
crew to verify the operational availability of all EGPWS
Smart Runway
Awareness of excessive taxi speeds or a take-off on
a taxiway ("On Taxiway! On Taxiway!").
is enabled aural is changed to "Caution On Taxiway!
On Taxiway! ".
Awareness of which runway the aircraft is lined-up with,
and that the runway length available for takeoff is less than
a defined nominal take-off runway length (e.g., "On runway
three-four left, six-hundred remaining").
enabled additional aural is "Caution Short Runway Short
Awareness of an extended holding period on the
runway (e.g., "On runway three-four left, On
runway three-four left").
Awareness of aircraft position during a Rejected
Take-off (RTO) (e.g., "Two-thousand remaining").
Awareness of runway the aircraft is tracking, and that the
runway length available for landing is less than a defined
nominal landing runway length (e.g., " Approaching three-
four right, three-thousand remaining").
enabled additional aural is "Caution Short Runway Short
Awareness that the aircraft is determined to be on
Approach and is not aligned with a runway ("Caution
Taxiway!, Caution Taxiway!").
Awareness of improper flap setting when the aircraft is
lined up on a runway in advance of take-off.
Added in -230-230 and equivalent and later software.
Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
If caution
If caution is
If caution is
Rev H, August 2011

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