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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 88

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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• "Four-thousand remaining";
• "Three-thousand remaining";
• "Two-thousand remaining";
• "One-thousand remaining"; and
• "Five-hundred remaining".
The metric distance advisories are generated at 300-metre
intervals, except that the last possible advisory occurs at 100
metres. For example, the following advisories would be
provided during a RTO on a 3000-metre runway:
• "One-thousand-two-hundred remaining";
• "Nine-hundred remaining";
• "Six-hundred remaining";
• "Three-hundred remaining"; and
• "One-hundred remaining".
If the option to annunciate the "unit of measurement" is
enabled, "feet" or "meters" is included in the phrase for the
first distance remaining callout. Example "Four-thousand feet
remaining" followed by "Three-thousand remaining".
Note that message content is identical to that for the Landing
Roll-Out Distance Remaining Advisory.
Approach to
Approaching Runway - In-Air Advisory
Safety data indicate that poor spatial awareness on approach
(lining-up and/or landing on the incorrect runway) is a
significant factor in runway incursions. The purpose of the
Approaching Runway In-Air Advisory is to provide the crew
with awareness of which runway the aircraft is tracking on
final approach.
Smart Runway
Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011

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Table of Contents

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