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Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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This advisory is inhibited above a 40-knot groundspeed. The
annunciation "On runway" followed by the runway identifier
Entry and
is provided as the aircraft lines-up on the runway.
For example, "On runway three-four-left." Note that for
additional emphasis, the use of the word "runway" is strictly
reserved for this case where the aircraft is on the runway. The
advisory is presented once each time the aircraft enters a
Insufficient Runway Length - On-Ground Advisory
Safety data indicate that loss of situational awareness on the
airport surface resulted in 12% of all take-off runway
incursions being conducted from the incorrect runway. In
some of those cases the take-off distance available was less
than that required. Data also indicates that 24% of runway
incursion take-offs involved an intersection departure. While
not as common, there have been instances where crews have
turned the wrong direction while lining-up on a runway for an
intersection departure (i.e., heading error of 180°). This
situation not only creates a conflict with any aircraft on short-
final, but the runway distance available may be insufficient
for a safe take-off.
The purpose of the Insufficient Runway Length - On-Ground
Advisory is to provide the crew with awareness of which
runway the aircraft is lined-up with, and that the runway
length available for takeoff is less than a defined nominal
take-off runway length. The "nominal" runway distance for
take-off is aircraft type specific and is set by an operator.
Note: it cannot be changed by the flight crew.
This advisory is provided when the following conditions are
• All conditions for a routine On-Runway Advisory are
• Available distance for takeoff is less than the defined
This advisory does not take into account prevailing conditions
such as aircraft weight, wind, runway condition & slope, air
temperature and altitude of airport. If the operator does not
specify the nominal runway length, the advisory is defaulted
to off, unless the operator has chosen to always advise the
runway length available for takeoff.
Smart Runway
nominal runway length.
Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011

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