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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 71

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
How Does
RAAS Work?
Where And
When Does
RAAS Work?
Rev H, August 2011
functions, including the RAAS. An optional RAAS Audio
Inhibit Switch may be installed. A single push of the Audio
Inhibit Switch inhibits all RAAS annunciations. Depressing
the switch reactivates all RAAS annunciations. In software
version -224-224 a change was made to provide an immediate
inhibit of any RAAS voice in progress and prevent issuing of
non-current RAAS advisories.
It is important to note that some RAAS features are optional
and may not be active in a given installation. Therefore you
will need to check the options selected by your company.
Refer to an applicable Airplane Flight Manual (AFM) or
EGPWS Airplane Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS) for
details. Alternatively contact Honeywell for assistance.
The default setting for the RAAS aurals is a female voice.
Aurals that include runway length in the annunciation may be
annunciated in feet or metres. The default setting for these
aurals is feet. These options are discussed in detail in the
"RAAS Options" section of this Pilot Guide.
Appropriate flight crew actions to RAAS advisories are:
Consideration should be given to a go-around in accordance
with company SOPs.
Information contained herein or provided by a RAAS
does not supersede any operator Standard
Operating Procedure (SOP). Pilots should be thoroughly
familiar with regulatory, company, and other approved
operational procedures as required by their aircraft and type
of operation. Operators should also include RAAS in their
training curriculum.
RAAS provides annunciations during surface operations and on
final approach. RAAS is operationally available anytime the
EGPWS is powered and the following conditions are met:
• The software for the RAAS functions have been loaded into
an EGPWS and enabled;
• The aircraft is on or approaching an airport in the RAAS
runway database; and
• RAAS is functional (e.g., all external signals are available and
not faulted, GPS position accuracy meets minimum
If in doubt, stop, VERIFY POSITION,
and contact ATC for assistance if
necessary. Do not hesitate to request
progressive taxi instructions.
If the advisory is in conflict with
contact ATC for assistance if necessary.
Smart Runway

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