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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 49

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
• Obstacle Awareness Enabled – Enables obstacle alerting
• TAD Alternate Pop Up – If TRUE, disables (or enables)
• Mode 6 Volume Reduction – Selects reduced Mode 6
• Smart Callout Enable – Enables the 500-foot smart
• Bank Angle Enable – Enables Bank Angle alerts.
• Windshear Caution Voice Disable – Disables Windshear
• Audio Declutter Disable – Disables the Audio Declutter
• Audio Alerting Voice Select – Selects the type(s) of voice
• Lamp Format – One of two lamp formats are available.
• Peaks Enable – Adds additional density patterns and level
• Takeoff
Rev H, August 2011
and display.
automatic terrain display when TAD or Obstacle alert is
active, dependent on aircraft/display type.
volume (-6 dB).
callout. "Five Hundred" is called out at 500 feet Radio
Altitude during non-precision approaches. If 500' is part of
the altitude callout option selected, this callout is not given
on precision approaches.
Caution voice alerts providing visual alerts only.
function so that audio alerts are constant.
that are used for audio alerts.
• Lamp Format 1 provides only Mode 5 "Glideslope"
alerts to the caution (amber) lamp output and all other
alerts (except Windshear and Mode 6 callouts) to the
warning (red) lamp output.
• Lamp Format 2 provides all "Pull Up" warning alerts to
the warning (red) lamp output and all caution alerts to
the caution (amber) lamp output (FAA requirement for
new installations).
Windshear annunciations are provided by separate
outputs and indications and are not affected by lamp
format. Mode 6 advisories do not effect any annunciation
and are not affected by lamp format.
thresholds to the Standard Display Mode, allowing display
of highest and lowest terrain/obstacle to increase situational
• Stabilized Approach Monitor – Enables Landing Flap,
Excessive Speed, Excessive Approach Angle, and Un-
Stabilized Approach monitor and issues annunciations if
the monitor criteria are not met. Visual messages can be
overlaid on the Terrain display.
annunciations if the Flap handle setting is not proper for
System Description

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