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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 81

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Note that there are situations where a runway may be closed
(e.g., for construction) and take-off and landing operations
authorized on a taxiway. In that case, this advisory serves to
confirm a non-normal operation.
The advisory would also be activated at RAAS-enabled
airports for take-offs on runways that are not yet included in
the RAAS database, for example in the case of newly
constructed runways. It is recommended that the take-off
briefing include reference to this advisory.
The aural message "On Taxiway! On Taxiway!" is
annunciated once each time the advisory is generated. For
example, the advisory would not be heard continuously during
an authorized take-off on a taxiway.
If a caution instead of advisory is enabled, the aural message
is "Caution On Taxiway! On Taxiway!".
Approaching Runway On-Ground Advisory
Safety data show that lack of position awareness has resulted
in flight crews lining-up with both the wrong runway and a
taxiway for take-off. In addition, in some cases crews failed to
hold-short (58% of ground operations occurrences) and/or
inadvertently entered an active runway. In many of these latter
cases crews were unaware of their position relative to a
proximate runway edge.
The purpose of the Approaching Runway On-Ground
Advisory is to provide the crew with awareness of a
proximate runway edge being approached by the aircraft
during taxi operations.
This advisory depends upon aircraft groundspeed, current
heading and closest runway end and is provided if:
• Aircraft is on the ground; and
Rev H, August 2011
Smart Runway

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