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Peaks Display - Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
"Pop-Up" and
Rev H, August 2011
Based on the display system used, there may be additional
terrain display features. These are defined as installation
options and allow for:
• Automatic display of terrain on the cockpit display ("TAD
pop-up") in the event that a caution or warning alert is
triggered as described in Terrain Look Ahead Alerting. In
some cases, an active display mode must be selected first.
• "Auto-range" when Pop-up occurs. This provides for the
automatic range presentation for terrain as defined for the
display system configuration (typically 10 nm). In some
cases, if the terrain auto-range is different than the display
system selected range, the displayed range value on the
cockpit display is flashed or changes color until the range is
manually reselected or terrain display is deselected.
Peaks Display has all the characteristics of the Non-Peaks
Display but with additional terrain display features for
enhanced situational awareness independent of the aircraft's
altitude. The principle additions are:
• The
terrain/obstacle elevations currently displayed.
• The display of additional solid or lower density color
bands, including the addition of the graphic representation
of sea level (0 feet MSL).
With Terrain Display selected on, digital values representing
the highest terrain/obstacle elevation and the elevation for the
bottom of the lowest color band are displayed. These are
based on the range selected (terrain in view).
The location of the digital values can vary somewhat for the
display used, but for this guide will be shown in the upper left
of the display. These elevations are expressed in hundreds of
feet above sea level (e.g., 125 is 12,500 feet MSL) with the
highest elevation on top and the lowest on the bottom.
However, in the event that there is no appreciable difference
in the terrain/obstacle elevations (flat terrain), only the highest
value is displayed. Additionally, the color of the elevation
value is presented the same as the color of the terrain display
containing that elevation (i.e., red if the terrain/obstacle with
that elevation is depicted as red in the terrain plan view,
yellow if yellow, etc.). The color of the Peaks elevations does
not change during a warning. If, during a warning, there is no
terrain displayed >2000 ft above the aircraft then the upper
peaks elevations will not be colored red.
System Description

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