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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 50

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Table of Contents
• Altimeter Monitor – issues annunciations if the altimeter
• Long Landing Monitor – issues annunciations if the
• Low Airspeed Monitor – (basic function for Boeing
Additional input discretes are used to control or define
EGPWS operations:
• EGPWS Self-Test – Cockpit switch initiates EGPWS Self-
• Glideslope Cancel – Cockpit switch cancels Mode 5
• Glideslope Inhibit – Inhibits Mode 5 Glideslope alerting.
• Altitude Callout Enable – Enables Mode 6 Callouts.
• Mode 6 Low Volume – Reduces Mode 6 volume (an
• TAD and TCF Inhibit – Cockpit switch to disable all
• Audio Inhibit – disables all EGPWS audio outputs.
• Steep Approach Enable – Enables Steep Approach (Mode
• Steep Approach Select – Selects (activates) Steep
• Flap Over-Ride – Cockpit switch to select landing flaps
• Gear Over-Ride – Cockpit switch to select gear down
• PLI Select/Deselect – Used for displaying or deselecting
• RAAS/MON Inhibit/Enable – Inhibits or Enables RAAS
For additional options information contact Honeywell.
System Description
setting is improper.
aircraft does not touchdown within an operator defined
distance from the runway threshold.
737NG aircraft only) issues annunciations when airspeed
decreases below 70% of the amber band on the PFD Speed
Test on the ground. Typically part of EGPWS warning
(red) lamp.
Glideslope alerting. Typically part of EGPWS caution
(amber) lamp.
Normally used for backcourse approaches.
additional) 6 dB. This is typically hardwired or connected
to an external switch.
TAD and TCF functions. (FAA requirement)
1 Excessive Descent Rate) alerts biasing.
Approach (Mode 1 Excessive Descent Rate) alerts biasing
to reduce nuisance alerts.
when not in the landing flap configuration.
when not in the gear down configuration.
the display of EGPWS derived Pitch Limit Indicator (PLI)
signals when a Windshear warning occurs.
and/or Stabilized Approach, Takeoff Flap Configuration,
and Long Landing monitor functions.
Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011

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Table of Contents

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