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Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Honeywell is constantly striving to improve the EGPWS
database in content, resolution, and accuracy. Notification of a
database update is accomplished by Service Bulletin.
Database updates are distributed on PCMCIA data cards and
downloaded via a card slot in the front panel of each EGPWC.
Contact Honeywell for additional information.
Because the overwhelming majority of "Controlled Flight Into
Terrain" (CFIT) accidents occur near an airport, and the fact
that aircraft operate in close proximity to terrain near an
airport, and to address prevention of airport runway/taxiway
incursions, the terrain database contains higher resolution
grids for airport areas. Lower resolution grids are used outside
airport areas where aircraft enroute altitude make CFIT
accidents less likely and terrain feature detail is less important
to the flight crew.
With the use of accurate GPS or FMS information, the
EGPWS is provided present position, track, and ground speed.
With this information the EGPWS is able to present a
graphical plan view of the aircraft relative to the terrain and
advise the flight crew of a potential conflict with the terrain or
obstacle. Conflicts are recognized and alerts provided when
terrain violates specific computed envelope boundaries on the
projected flight path of the aircraft. Alerts are provided in the
form of visual light annunciation of a caution or warning,
audio annunciation based on the type of conflict, and color
enhanced visual display of the terrain or obstacle relative to
the forward look of the aircraft. The terrain display is
provided on the Weather Radar Indicator, EFIS display, or a
dedicated EGPWS display and may or may not be displayed
Also available with high integrity GPS data is alerting
advisory information to help prevent runway/taxiway
incursions in the form of audio advisory alerts.
The following sections provide functional descriptions of the
EGPWS basic and enhanced functions and features, and
system input and output requirements.
The operator should have a program of continuous
periodically, updates the software to the latest available,
and ensures a policy of updating the runway, terrain and
obstacle databases.
Rev H, August 2011
System Description

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