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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 87

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
The Extended Holding On Runway Advisory is suppressed
after a Rejected Take-Off (RTO). The advisory is reset and
Entry and
available again once the aircraft exits the current runway.
After the specified extended holding period has elapsed,
RAAS provides an aural message that is a double repetition of
the On Runway Advisory. For example, if an aircraft has been
holding-in-position on runway 34 left for an extended period
(e.g., 90 seconds), the system will annunciate "On runway
three-four left, on runway three-four left."
Distance Remaining - Rejected Take-Off Advisory
The purpose of the Rejected Take-Off Distance Remaining
Advisory is to provide the flight crew with position awareness
information during a RTO.
The advisory is generated if the following conditions are
• Aircraft is on the last half of the runway or a specified distance
• Groundspeed is greater than 40 knots; and
• An RTO is initiated (RTO status is assumed if groundspeed
The advisory terminates once the groundspeed decreases below
40 knots during the RTO. The Extended Holding On Runway
Advisory is not provided during the period following the RTO.
The advisories are generated at whole thousand-foot intervals if
RAAS is configured in "feet", except that the last possible
advisory occurs at 500 feet. For example, the following advisories
would be generated during a RTO on a 9000-foot runway:
Rev H, August 2011
from the runway end;
during the take-off roll decreases by 7 knots from the
maximum value achieved).
Smart Runway

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