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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 89

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Approach to
This advisory is provided when:
• Aircraft is between 750 feet and 300 feet Above Field
• Aircraft is within approximately 3 nautical miles of the
• Aircraft lateral position is within approximately 200 feet,
• Aircraft track is aligned within 20 degrees of runway
All current EGPWS alerts have a higher priority than this
RAAS advisory. The Approaching Runway In-Air Advisory
is suppressed between 550 feet and 450 feet above runway
elevation to allow the normal 500-foot radio altitude call-out
and/or crew procedures without conflict. There is an option to
select an alternative suppression zone of 450 – 350 feet AFE
to allow the 400-foot altitude call-out in Airbus aircraft.
The advisory is not provided below 300 feet AFE. This
reduces potential distraction during high workload conditions.
This advisory is annunciated once for each runway alignment
when the conditions noted above are satisfied. The advisory
message consists of the word "approaching" followed by the
runway identifier, for example, "Approaching three-four-left."
An aircraft that is required to side-step to an alternative
runway while on short-final could potentially be provided
with two Approaching Runway Advisory messages; one call-
out for the original runway and another as the aircraft aligns
with the second runway. The advisory conditions above would
have to be satisfied for each runway call-out.
Rev H, August 2011
Elevation (AFE);
approach end of the runway;
plus runway width, from the runway centerline; and
Smart Runway

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