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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 118

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Inhibit &
Long Landing
Smart Landing
The visual annunciation may be enabled or disabled via the
RCD. If configured to do so, the EGPWS presents the text
string "ALTM SETTING" overlaid on top of the terrain
image upon activation of the aural. The text is centered on the
display. The text will remain on the display until any one of
the following conditions exists: configured timer expires
(typically 16 seconds), range on the terrain display is
changed, a new voice with associated visual annunciation is
issued, a Terrain/Obstacle caution or warning condition
exists, or the aircraft is above the transition altitude for the
Below Transition Altitude Monitor or below the transition
altitude for the Above Transition Altitude Monitor.
There is not an option to inhibit the Altimeter Monitor
The Altimeter Monitor inoperative status will be indicated
during the EGPWS Self test if any one of the monitors is
enabled via the RCD and the status indicates the function is
The Long Landing Monitor provides two new distance
remaining annunciations to the flight crew with awareness
that the aircraft has not touched down within a defined along-
track distance from the runway threshold or the end of the
runway, depending on how it has been configured.
The Long Landing Monitor uses GPS position data and the
Honeywell EGPWS Terrain Database to provide aural and
visual annunciations that supplement flight crew awareness of
aircraft position in relation to the runway.
The annunciation generated from this monitor is classified as
caution level as crew awareness and immediate and
subsequent crew response is required.
If the aircraft has not touched down before a configurable
threshold, the EGPWS will issue the default aural "Long
Landing – Long Landing". The message can be configured to
"Deep Landing – Deep Landing". In addition, airborne only
aural annunciations of current distance from aircraft to the
runway end can be enabled.
Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011

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