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Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011
provide visual and aural annunciations that supplement flight
crew awareness of unstabilized approaches.
An unstabilized approach can lead to a runway overrun
accident as a result of long touchdown and/or insufficient
runway length left to stop. Many airlines are viewing an
unstabilized approach as one of the biggest remaining safety
issues. They have created "approach gates" in their Standard
Operating Procedures (SOP) to help pilots decide whether a
go-around action needs to be taken. The gates are typically at
1,000 feet and 500 feet above field elevation (AFE). A typical
SOP states that the aircraft should be stabilized by 1,000ft
AFE, and must be stabilized by 450ft AFE. A go-around must
be initiated if the stabilized approach criteria are not satisfied.
The stabilized approach criteria can vary from operator to
operator, and also on the type of approach (precision approach
vs. non-precision approach, for example).
The Altimeter Monitor function offers a significant safety
advancement to provide the flight crew with awareness of
problems with the pressure altitude system.
The Altimeter Monitor uses existing altitude sources and the
Honeywell EGPWS Terrain Database to provide aural and
visual annunciations as described below.
The Altimeter Monitor continuously monitors the existing
altitude inputs to the EGPWS and alerts the crew if an error in
the altitude is detected. The Altimeter Monitor provides
protection against incorrectly set or erroneous altimeter
settings and can help ensure a proper altitude reference is
being used, especially for RNP or VNAV based approach
procedures with undetected altimetry errors from incorrect
altimeter settings
The Long Landing Monitor function offers pilot increased
runway awareness and complements the RAAS Distance
Remaining callouts. The function advises the crew of their
position during a landing when the aircraft has not touched
down in a nominal amount of time and/or distance.
The Long Landing Monitor adds two new distance remaining
annunciations to enhance crew awareness of aircraft along-
track position relative to the runway end. One provides
annunciations if the aircraft has not touched down before a
configurable threshold and the second provides airborne only
aural annunciations of current distance from aircraft to the
runway end.
Summary of Non-Routine Advisories/Cautions
Smart Landing

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