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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 27

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
In some cases a callout is stated twice (e.g., "MINIMUMS,
MINIMUMS") but in all cases a given altitude callout is only
annunciated once per approach.
Minimums, Minimums, etc.) require the landing gear to be
down and occur when descending through the Radio Altitude
corresponding to the selected DH. These also have priority
over other altitude callouts when overlapping. For example, if
DH is set to 200 and both "TWO HUNDRED" and
MINIMUMS" are valid callouts, then only "MINIMUMS"
will be called out at 200 feet AGL.
DH plus based callouts (e.g., Approaching Minimums) are
only applicable for aircraft providing a Decision Height
altitude to the EGPWS. Consequently, not all EGPWS
installations can utilize these callout options.
Due to the variety of altitude callout choices available, it is
not possible to identify every combination in this guide. Refer
to an appropriate Airplane Flight Manual or EGPWS Airplane
Flight Manual Supplement for callout identification in a
specific application or contact Honeywell.
Another feature available in the Altitude Callouts (options) is
a "Smart 500" foot callout. When selected, this callout assists
500 Foot
pilots during a non-precision approach by enunciating "FIVE
HUNDRED" feet in addition to any other altitude callout
discussed above. The EGPWS determines a non-precision
approach when Glideslope or Localizer is greater than 2 dots
deviation (valid or not) or a back-course approach is detected
or Glideslope Cancel is selected.
This feature has the distinction of adding the 500-foot callout
during non-precision approaches and removing the 500-foot
callout on precision approaches when part of the callout
Rev H, August 2011
System Description

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