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Honeywell EGPWS MK V Pilot's Manual page 95

Enhanced ground proximity warning system
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Mark V and Mark VII EGPWS Pilot's Guide
Rev H, August 2011
If RAAS On Runway advisory is enabled, "Flaps Flaps" is
appended to the end of the On Runway callout. For example,
"On Runway Two-Four, Flaps Flaps". This alert message is
annunciated once each time the aircraft enters a runway
unless a new flap setting is made as explained above. In this
case, the "Flaps Flaps" message will be annunciated without a
RAAS advisory.
The Takeoff Flap Configuration Monitor function is enabled
using the RCD. This function requires that RAAS be enabled.
None of the Advisories or cautions need be enabled, but the
RAAS processing must be running. When enabled, the
Takeoff Flap Configuration Monitor operates automatically,
without any action required from the flight crew.
In addition to the aural annunciations provided, the GPWS
lamp will be illuminated. Visual text annunciations can also
be overlaid on the terrain display for a period of time when
the monitor condition is entered. The visual annunciation may
be enabled or disabled via the RCD. If configured to do so,
the EGPWS presents the text string "FLAPS" overlaid on top
of the terrain image upon activation of the aural. The text is
centered on the display. The text will remain on the display
until any one of the following conditions exists: configured
timer expires (typically 16 seconds), range on the terrain
display is changed, a new voice with associated visual
annunciation is issued, or a Terrain/Obstacle caution or
warning condition exists.
Inhibit of the Takeoff Flap Configuration Monitor function
via an external cockpit selection may be configured.
System inoperative messages may be indicated as required
using existing inoperative indications. The Takeoff Flap
Configuration Monitor inoperative status will be indicated
during the EGPWS Self-Test if the monitor is enabled via the
RCD and the status indicates the function is inoperative.
Crew briefing for taxiing on a runway that is not the departure
runway should include the potential Flaps Flaps alert if a
takeoff flap has not been set by the Standard Operating
Procedure (SOP).
Simultaneous onset of Takeoff Configuration Warning
System (TOCWS) horn and the Takeoff Flap Configuration
Monitor Flaps Flaps alert could occur. It should be noted that
multiple aircraft configuration errors could cause a TOCWS
horn, including Takeoff Flap Configuration. E.g., Once the
flap anomaly is resolved, the TOCWS horn will persist for
other configuration errors. The flight crew should perform
their normal cross-checks to verify aircraft configuration.
Smart Runway

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