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Others - Kenwood WD-K10 Series User Manual

Dect intercom system
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Check that the problem is genuine before requesting for repairs.
The unit is prone to
The surrounding environment and
entering service non-
operation status affect the field
coverage area (out of
intensity of signals emitted from the
device. Therefore, it is easy to enter
a service non-coverage area (out of
A beeping sound is
Only one person can use All Call or
heard and All Call or
broadcast to the same output
Broadcast is
destination at the same time.
unavailable even when
the [All Call] key or
[Broadcast] key is
Calls are cut off during
Depending on the radio wave status,
use and noise can be
radio waves from the base station do
not reach the unit and other base
stations are being searched.
If a base station cannot be found, or
if there are no empty channels in the
base station, the unit continues to
search for a connectable base
station and during that time,
communication is unavailable
(Status LED lights up in red).
A "buu" noise may
This system uses digital wireless
occur from the
communication of 1.9 GHz band.
earphone of the sub
When there is a nearby device in
which noise occurs, changing digital
signals to audio signals may change
the signal to noise instead.
When a sub unit is
Settings have been made so that the
moved from the
sub unit only connects when radio
connection area to a
reception is strong. This is to prevent
service non-coverage
frequent changing of connection
area (out of range), it
with base stations, and connection
reconnects to the base
with faraway base stations of weak
station only when it is
very near to the base
station after returning
to the connection area.
Calls in all groups can
The unit is in All Call Mode.
be heard.
Adjust the "Communication Disconnect Zone
Selection Level" and "Communication
Disconnect Time". The situation may improve
For details, please consult the authorized
Wait for the person to complete All Call or
Broadcast, and try again.
If the unit is near a base station and yet it cannot
communicate, please check with the authorized
dealer. You can also minimize the out of range
tone at the default setting. For details, please
consult the authorized dealer.
Use the unit away from noise sources such as
computers, monitors, and discharge-type air
purifiers. Or move the base station installation
site to a location away from these equipment.
Noise may occur if the unit is too close to a base
station (within 2 m). Move the base station
installation site or use the unit away from a base
Configure the strength of the radio waves during
connection. If you are concerned, please check
with the authorized dealer.
End the All Call Mode and change to Group Call
Mode. Only the person who has started the All
Call Mode can end this mode.
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Table of Contents

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