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Precautions - Kenwood WD-K10 Series User Manual

Dect intercom system
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1.4 Precautions

As far as possible, use the transceiver and portable base at a distance away from external wireless systems.
An error due to radio wave interference may occur if they are too near.
Using earphones in a dry environment may cause tingling sensation in the ears. This is due to the static charges
accumulated on the body and the connected device, not malfunctioning of the earphones. This is less likely to occur on
someone wearing clothes made from natural materials or preventive actions taken to prevent the accumulation of static
charges on the clothes.
Dust Resistant/Water Resistant and Environment of Use
The Portable base/Transceiver has been tested in-house and verified of its IP67 dust resistant/water resistant
performance at the design phase. However, the dust resistant/water resistant performance is not guaranteed for all
situations in actual use.
IP67 (Dust resistant/water resistant):
No detrimental effects on device after submerging device in fresh water/still water of 1 m deep without additional non-
specified pressure and retrieving it 30 minutes later.
Under normal usage, the device can maintain its IP67 dust resistant/water resistant performance for one year. (When
terminal cover, battery cover is installed)
We do not have a special maintenance program to maintain the dust resistant/water resistant performance.
Align the terminal cover and battery cover to the attaching position before securing. When attaching the covers, ensure
that no fine foreign material (including fiber, hair and sand) is caught in between.
Do not open or close the terminal cover or battery cover when the transceiver is wet.
If the supplied microphone plug mounting bracket is used when connecting the specified option to the speaker/microphone
terminal, the transceiver meets the IP67 dust resistant/water resistant specifications. The dust resistant/water resistant
performance of the option varies with each optional product.
If an option other than the above is connected, the transceiver is not dust resistant/water resistant.
The supplied charger and AC adapter is not water resistant. Do not use the transceiver when it is wet.
If an impact is exerted on the transceiver, it may affect its dust resistant/water resistant performance.
Using the transceiver near electronic products such as TVs, radios, and PCs may subject it to radio frequency interference
or cause radio frequency interference to other devices. Use the transceiver away from these devices.
Do not subject the transceiver or submerge it in soapy water, detergents, seasonings, juice, salt water, or oil. Do not
submerge or subject the transceiver to hot or cold water.


Table of Contents

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