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Setup Tasks - Mitsubishi Electric FX5-DP-M User Manual

Melsec iq-f series
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Setup Tasks

This section describes the items of "Setup Tasks".
Master Settings
GSD Device Database
I/O Mapper
[Global GSD Database] tab
Click "GSD Device Database" to display the GSD database that batch manages DP-Slaves used on the PROFIBUS-DP
This item is used to add a DP-Slave device to be used in a project using the tree on the [Global GSD Database] tab.
The device group is displayed as a folder, and the device type of that group is displayed in the lower layer of the tree.
The device type is displayed using the device image and the type name.
The default image is displayed when an image unique to the device is not assigned. ( Page 60 Properties)
Right-clicking a folder or device type in the [Global GSD Database] tab displays the following items.
Add Slave to Project
Adds the selected DP-Slave to a project.
The DP-Slave can be added also by dragging and dropping the DP-Slave or double-clicking a
Add GSD File
Opens the window for selecting the GSD file.
The selected GSD file is analyzed and added to the GSD database.
Import GSD Database
Imports the device type from the GSD database (.mdb), GSD export file (.ext), or GXDP project file.
Opens the property window of the selected slave type.
In the tree on the [Global GSD Database] tab, some property items can be changed.
In the tree on the [Project GSD Database] tab, some property items can be read.
Remove Type
Deletes the DP-Slave from the GSD database.
8 PROFIBUS Configuration Tool
8.2 "PROFIBUS Configurator Tasks" Window
Sets the transmission speed, FDL address, bus parameters, refresh,
or other items of the DP-Master.
Operates the GSD database.
Edits the configuration settings for accessing input/output of the DP-
Sets the GSD file to be prioritized.
This function creates and updates the structures used for global labels
and module function blocks by enabling the refresh settings.
• Page 83 Master Settings
• Page 85 Bus Parameter Settings
• Page 86 CPU Device Access
• Page 58 [Global GSD Database] tab
• Page 62 [Project GSD Database] tab
Page 63 I/O Mapper
Page 65 Options
Page 66 Update PROFIBUS Label
Page 59 Add Slave to Project
Page 59 Add GSD File
Page 60 Import GSD Database
Page 60 Properties
Page 62 Remove Type


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