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Hitachi CG 23EC (SL) Handling Instructions Manual page 9

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○ Keep others away when making carburetor adjustments.
○ Use only accessories as recommended for this unit/
machine by the manufacturer.
○ Before operation, make sure that there are no tools such
as the adjustment key or spanner still attached to the
○ Never modify the unit/machine in any way. Do not use
your unit/machine for any job except that for which it is
○ Non-authorized modifi cations and/or accessories may
result in serious personal injury or the death of the
operator or others.
Fuel safety
○ Mix and pour fuel outdoors and where there are no
sparks or fl ames.
○ Use a container approved for fuel.
○ Move at least 3 m away from fueling site before starting
○ Stop engine before removing fuel cap. Do not remove
the fuel cap during operation.
○ Empty the fuel tank before storing the unit/machine. It is
recommended that the fuel be emptied after each use. If
fuel is left in the tank, store so fuel will not leak.
○ Fuel is easy to ignite or get explosion or inhale fumes, so
that pay special attention when handling or fi lling fuel.
○ Do not smoke or allow smoking near fuel or the unit/
machine or while using the unit/machine.
○ Wipe up all fuel spills before starting engine.
○ Store unit/machine and fuel in area where fuel vapors
cannot reach sparks or open fl ames from water heaters,
electric motors or switches, furnaces. etc.
○ When using the unit in dry areas, make sure that fi re
extinguishing equipment is readily available.
○ If you shut off the engine for refueling, make sure the unit
has cooled down before adding fuel.
Cutting safety
○ Do not cut any material other than grass and brush.
○ Inspect the area to be cut before each use.
Remove objects which can be thrown or become
Do not operate in areas where there are tree roots or
○ For respiratory protection, wear an aerosol protection
mask when cutting the grass after insecticide is
○ Keep others including children, animals, bystanders and
helpers outside the 15 m hazard zone. Stop the engine
immediately if you are approached.
○ Please exercise caution as engine startup may be
delayed after pulling the starter handle.
○ Always keep the engine on the right side of your body.
○ Hold the unit/machine fi rmly with both hands.
○ Keep fi rm footing and balance. Do not over-reach.
Losing your balance during work may lead to an injury.
○ Keep all parts of your body away from the muffl er and
cutting attachment when the engine is running.
○ Keep cutting attachment below knee level.
○ Please exercise caution when operating in areas where
electrical cables or gas pipes are present.
○ Do not operate the cutting attachment for anything but
clearing grass or bushes. Avoid operations where the
cutting attachment may touch water such as puddles
or dig into dirt. Failure to do so may result in injury or
damage to the unit.
○ Avoid prolonged use at low speed range in which
vibration is high. Doing so may result in engine damage.
○ When relocating to a new work area, or inspecting,
adjusting or exchanging the unit's cutting attachments,
accessories, etc., be sure to shut off the machine and
ensure that all cutting attachments are stopped.
○ Never place the machine on the ground when running.
○ Never touch the cutting attachment when it is rotating.
○ Always ensure that the engine is shut off and any cutting
attachments have completely stopped before clearing
debris or removing grass from the cutting attachment.
○ Always carry a fi rst-aid kit when operating any power
○ Turn off the engine and make sure the cutting attachment
has come to a full stop before removing the unit from
your body or before leaving the unit unattended.
○ If you accidentally bump or drop the unit, inspect it
immediately to make sure there are no damage, cracks
or deformations.
○ If the tool is operating poorly and produces strange noise
or vibrations, turn off the engine immediately and ask
your dealer to have it inspected and repaired.
Continued use under these conditions could lead to
injury or tool damage.
○ Use in accordance with local laws and regulations.
When using metal cutting attachments such as blades,
contact with obstacles such as trees or other hard
surfaces with the front or right portion of the spinning
attachment may force the unit to catch on an obstacle,
resulting in a kickback reaction towards the right side of
the operator.
Kickback may occur when the cutting attachment comes
into contact with tree stumps or rocks hidden behind
weeds. Always make sure there are no obstacles hidden
by weeds before starting work.
To minimize the danger of kickbacks when they do occur,
always position the unit to the right side of the body
during operation. With the operator properly positioned
as the cutting attachment rotates, this will reduce the
danger of the unit's direct contact with the body.
Maintenance safety
○ Maintain the unit/machine according to recommended
○ Disconnect
maintenance except for carburetor adjustments.
○ Keep others away when making carburetor adjustments.
○ Use only genuine HITACHI replacement parts as
recommended by the manufacturer.
Do not disassemble the recoil starter. There is a
possibility of personal injury with recoil spring.
Improper maintenance could result in serious engine
damage or in serious personal injury.
Transport and storage
○ Carry the unit/machine by hand with the engine stopped
and the muffl er away from your body.
○ Allow the engine to cool, empty the fuel tank, and secure
the unit/machine before storing or transporting. Failure to
do so may result in fi re or accidents.
○ Empty the fuel tank before storing the unit/machine. It is
recommended that the fuel be emptied after each use. If
fuel is left in the tank, store so fuel will not leak.
○ Store unit/machine out of the reach of children.
○ Clean and maintain the unit carefully and store it in a dry
○ Make sure engine switch is off when transporting or
○ When transporting and storing, either remove the cutting
attachment or place the blade cover over the blade.



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